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Three Ways to Celebrate Fall with Outdoor Lighting

Shine a Light on the Colors of Georgia’s Autumn

As we write this, it feels like autumn has finally descended on the Atlanta area. With comfortable, cool days, crisp nights, lower humidity, and fall color, it's a great time to be outside. Let's break out those sweaters and jackets!

With daylight savings time now in effect, our days are getting a little shorter too. We have one hour less to enjoy the Georgia fall color in the afternoon. But we have a few ideas for turning that frown emoji into a smiley one. As an outdoor lighting company with the latest lighting and home technology, GHT Group can help you enjoy your Roswell property’s fall color at night, too. Keep reading below for three ideas to make the most of the fall color with landscape lighting. 

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Bullet Lights

GHT Group works with Coastal Source for landscape lighting for their wide array of long-lasting fixtures and patented cabling system. Bullet lights help you highlight the beauty of the reds, yellows, and golds of your trees. For the best effect (if you can), light the tree against a dark black backdrop for the ultimate impact. Coastal Source bullet lights have a proprietary adjustment for wide control of the light cast. Several mounting options provide great flexibility in showcasing your trees. 

Path Lights 

As it gets darker early, keep your walkways and paths safe so you can enjoy the night views. Coastal Source path lights can line the route and also light your violas and pansies that add splashes of white, yellow, violet, and blue to your fall color landscape palette. 

Step Lights

If you have a deck in the backyard or stone stepping, there is a new option you can try to add a burst of color. LED strip lights are available with color-changing capability, and you can install these under steps for a floating effect. With RGB color capability, dial in your favorite shade of autumn to blend in with the foliage. Of course, the lights will also add safety at night. Strip lights from our partner Diode LED are water-resistant too!

Add Easy Control

We’d hate for you to have this beautiful outdoor lighting without easy control. With a lighting control solution from Lutron or Control4, you can make managing your lights a snap. Schedule your lights once to an atomic clock for sunset and sunrise on/off and never touch it again. Set up different lighting scenes with colors of the season, so you can change it up in spring and summer as you rotate annuals. Then use one button to change the lighting. You can even choose to aim and adjust bullet lights differently with the seasons or use downlights versus up lights and control everything with just a touch. Outdoor lighting gives you a creative canvas to embellish your beautiful landscape in any season. 


Now is the perfect time to design and install your outdoor lighting for the mild fall and winter seasons. GHT Group is here to help. Contact us here or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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