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Create the Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source

From Bollards to Landscape Speakers, Create an Audio Enthusiast-Worthy Soundscape Outside

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Sound System with Coastal Source

At GHT Group, we’re proud of the audio brands we work with. Names like Bowers & Wilkins, MartinLogan, Klipsch, and many more are known for their vibrant reproduction of sound, which is also a way of saying, we know what good audio is!

When you take the audio outside, there are some different challenges in achieving high sound quality. Lack of walls to reflect sound, ambient noise, and wide-open spaces all play a part in requiring more planning for a great outdoor sound system for your Brookhaven, GA home.

While there are several excellent choices for outdoor speakers – and we offer many – there is one company that we particularly like not just for sound quality but also for the complete solution they offer. Read on to learn more about creating your ultimate outdoor soundscape with Coastal Source.

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The Patented Coastal Connector

Want to know the most common point of failure in outdoor audio? Cables and wires that wear and corrode from the elements. Coastal Source specializes in both outdoor sound and outdoor lighting, and they went the extra mile in designing a connection system that withstands the tests of the elements and time.

The patented Coastal Connector system eliminates the need to cut, splice, and waterproof wiring in your installation. The connector plugs cable securely and twists to lock, creating a robust and watertight connection. If you opt for Coastal Source landscape lighting, it also uses the same hardy cabling system.

Marine-Grade Amplifiers

If you have multiple sets of speakers, you need powerful amplification to drive them. And if you want bass outdoors, you want subwoofers that deliver the low-end punch. When outdoors, speakers require more power than indoors to produce the sound volume you want, and subwoofers in particular demand even more power than other speakers.

The Coastal Source amplifier line, like all their other products, is built to withstand the elements. Inside, they use acclaimed JL Audio amplifiers that are renowned in marine audio applications. They wrap the amplifier in a weatherproof box that can be tucked away outdoors and include the Coastal Connector for reliable speaker connections. A variety of amplifiers can feed the speakers and subwoofers with up to 600 watts of clean power.

Multiple Speaker Choices

Coastal Source offers a wide array of speakers for every outdoor need. The 3-Way and 2-Way Bollard models are like high-performance tower and bookshelf speakers for the outdoors. The 3-Way Bollard 10.0 features a built-in subwoofer for full-range sound, and offers above ground, partial burial, and hardscape mounting options. Other Bollard models are smaller and include satellites and subwoofers that blend with the landscape or stand out with their clean, modern design.

If your taste runs more to speakers that don’t call visual attention to themselves, Coastal Source offers various bullet speakers and burial subwoofer models. Bullet speakers are low profile and hide well within bushes, gardens, and plants, while the subwoofers add bass that rivals indoor sound. Rock speakers blend well with landscapes by hiding in plain sight and offer powerful stereo sound. All Coastal Source speakers are built for high weather resistance – just like the patented Coastal Connector – to ensure many years of trouble-free use.

Ready to build your ultimate outdoor sound system? Contact us here, visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our outdoor AV experts. We look forward to working with you.

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