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Scare It Up This Halloween with Outdoor Sound

Make It Frightful – or Delightful

Scare It Up This Halloween with Outdoor Sound

Halloween is a holiday that’s purely for fun. It’s one to let loose, get imaginative, and come up with ways to create fun for little kids and little kids at heart.

Since Halloween is a holiday for fun scaries, what could make trick-or-treaters or party guests jump more than sound that they don’t expect? If you have an outdoor audio system, you're already well on your way to producing your own Halloween spooktacular in your Canton, GA neighborhood. Continue below for three clever ideas for using outdoor audio for a little frightful fun. 

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Be Competitive

Let's face it; there is an element of healthy competition at Halloween. Does your neighbor have black widow spiders scaling the walls of their house? You have skeletons scaling yours! Want to make sure your house gets visited all night long? Play the scary playlist on your outdoor sound system to make your house irresistible. Try the Halloween Chopped Up Scary Horror Sound Effects on Spotify – it’s like the horror movie that never seems to end. If that’s a little much, a Disney Halloween playlist is a little easier on the little ones.

Use Automation

Your home automation system is the perfect Halloween tool. Imagine every doorbell ring greeted by a scary “stay there, if you dare!” over your outdoor speakers. With a Control4 Chime video doorbell, it’s easy to create an automation triggered by the doorbell ring. Get spooky with lights and sound. Imagine turning off all the outside lights for a moment when your warning plays – it might even scare you!

Things That Go Thump in the Night

If you have a large front yard, you could have fun with sounds triggered by motion sensors. As trick-or-treaters walk by toward the front door, sensors can activate sounds on your outdoor speakers. Make scary sounds louder as they get closer to the door. We’ll let you use your imagination as to what to play. 

Need a Budget Option? 

Everything we described here can be accomplished with an outdoor audio setup that will provide four seasons of enjoyment in Georgia for all your outdoor activities. But what if you want to use something simple that requires little setup and expense? We heartily recommend the Sonos Move speaker, an outdoor-rated, battery-powered speaker that packs both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for flexible ways to play sound. You can hide one in one of your elaborate Halloween monsters and control it from your smartphone. Scary Halloween sound couldn't be much easier!

Discover all the fun you can have with an outdoor audio system for Halloween and any time of year. To get started, call GHT Group at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or click the button below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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