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Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse?

Take a Look at the Incomparable McIntosh MC901

Want a High-End Audio Amplifier with Muscle and Finesse?

Some high-fidelity speakers require massive power to sound their best. Sometimes, even veteran audio enthusiasts have a speaker that they're not satisfied with that may just need more energy. For example, electrostatic speakers from MartinLogan require a lot of juice to bring out the airy and deep soundstage for which the brand and the technology are known. But without the right amplification, you might be unimpressed. 

The other aspect of wringing the best sound from a great speaker is matching the amplifier to the speaker. There are several types of amplifier designs and topologies. Two classic types are vacuum tubes, which date back to the dawn of electronics, and solid state, which is the most common type found in most audio products.

There’s much more to this, but we’re trying to keep it simple here. And if you already know all that, you’ll still want to keep reading about the McIntosh MC901 amplifier, which combines both vacuum tubes and solid-state components into a beastly high-end audio amp with the power to drive just about any speaker in your Brookhaven, GA, listening room. 

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The Unique MC901 Amplifier

The MC901 is a rare beast, a monoblock amplifier that combines both vacuum tubes and solid-state designs. It's a monoblock that's actually two amps in one. The vacuum tubes power mid and upper ranges, and the solid-state section drives power-hungry woofers for rich bass.

Enthusiasts prize vacuum tube amps for their smoothness, and they make an especially good match for dynamic and lively speakers. Tube amps are not known for massive power, but that's not the case here. The MC901 tube section delivers 300 watts into 2, 4, or 8 ohms. That sounds almost crazy, but McIntosh has perfected the art of vacuum tube audio designs since the 1940s. The company's patented Unity Coupled Circuit transformer makes it possible to deliver the same fantastic output to the most power-hungry speakers.

What’s on the solid-state side? Just an amplifier that can deliver 600 watts to a woofer, also no matter the impedance. Of course, McIntosh solid-state amplifiers are known for their massive power, performance, and longevity. They are amplifiers you can pass down to your children – this kind of power never goes out of style.

The Perfect Bi-Amping Amplifier

Enthusiasts often use bi-amplification to get the most out of their high-end, demanding speakers. The MC901 was made for it. The vacuum tubes do their best work on the less demanding mid and upper ranges, not being stressed with the larger power reserves demanded for bass from massive woofers. The solid-state section can drive the woofers with ease. McIntosh has put it all together in one neat monoblock design, with individual level and crossover adjustment for each amp section.

To signify that this is a McIntosh product, the MC901 carries all its trademark design cues. The glass cover over the signature blue-lit poser meters with the logo, the stainless steel chassis, the illuminated logo, and die-cast name badges show that you own an audio product of the highest caliber. It's meant to be shown off. The 170-pound weight also dictates that you will have an equally sturdy housing to support these.


Even if you don’t quite need the massive reserves of the McIntosh MC901 for your system, GHT Group has a full range of high-end audio electronics and speakers to satisfy demanding audio aficionados. Make an appointment to visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here or click the chatbox below to connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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