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Music Lovers: You Need To Listen To These Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

The B&W 800 Series Diamond Is a Work of Audio and Visual Art

Music Lovers: You Need To Listen To These Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

Audio enthusiasts know the Bowers & Wilkins brand (B&W) as one of the finest names in loudspeakers. For over half a century, the company has produced transducers of uncompromised quality, starting with the first hand-built units in the back of an electrical shop in West Sussex, England. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are known for reproducing accurate, natural sound – the type that music lovers here in Metro Atlanta appreciate because it does not color the audio, presenting the music in the way the artist intended.

The 800 Series Diamond line is part of B&W’s flagship range that is a full line of speakers, from bookshelf to center-channel to floor standing models, addressing any audio application with aplomb. Unlike other manufacturers, B&W doesn’t believe that speakers are designed specifically for music or movies. Any speaker should be able to handle the dynamic range of both, and the 800 Series Diamond is right at home in a high-end custom home theater as well as a dedicated 2-channel listening room. The 800 Series can deliver the thundering, low-end bass needed for movie effects, while also making Nora Jones' sultry voice float in the room as if she was live.

Read on to learn more about some of the B&W 800 Series Diamond speakers, the perfect upgrade for your Metro Atlanta home cinema or listening room.

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The 800 D3

The 800 D3 is the pinnacle of the 800 Series Diamond. This speaker weighs 212 pounds, which should give you a sense of the quality of construction within. The D3 features B&W’s signature turbine head and diamond tweeter and is available in three furniture-quality finishes. These are speakers you don’t want to hide; they are beautifully designed and built and are sure to be conversation pieces both for their appearance and sound.

We mentioned before how the 800 Series Diamond handles thundering bass as well as delicate voices. The low end of the D3 is rated down to 13hz, which goes into lower octaves better than many subwoofers. The tower incorporates twin-10 inch bass drivers, a 6-inch midrange, and a 1-inch diamond tweeter, representing the best technology from B&W’s long experience in audio reproduction. If you crave even deeper bass in a home theater, the 2000-watt DB1 subwoofer is the perfect complement to the 800 D3 and other large speakers in the Diamond line. For the ultimate in home theater sound, the HTM-1 center channel is the ideal match for superb sonic performance with movie soundtracks, not to mention multichannel music.

The 805 D3

The 805 D3 is the smallest speaker in the B&W 800 Diamond line. Small does not mean this speaker’s performance suffers. Designed for stand mounting, the 805 D3 features much of the same technology as its larger counterparts and is ideal for both stereo and multi-channel audio systems. With the same top mounted diamond tweeters and proprietary Continuum cone construction, this smaller speaker offers superb sound quality in a size that easily fits in most any space. It can serve as an excellent 2-channel home audio system matched with an integrated amplifier for a small listening room. It can also serve as the perfect surround speakers in a home theater anchored by larger 800 Series speakers and subwoofers.


Georgia Home Theater should be the first choice on your list for all your high-fidelity audio needs here in the Metro Atlanta area. We have the entire line of the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond speakers on display, from the 800 D3 to the 805 D3. Come listen to their incredible sound at our Marietta showroom.

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