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A Look at the Latest from Monitor Audio: The New Silver Series 7G Speakers

The 7th Generation Continues a Tradition of Affordable High-Performance Audio

A Look at the Latest from Monitor Audio: The New Silver Series 7G Speakers

We at GHT Group have been offering high-end audio components for years, with such well-known and loved brands as Klipsch, McIntosh, Focal and more. A little bit newer to our thoroughbred stable of hi-fi speakers, we love Monitor Audio because it offers tremendous value and style for the price.

With the new 7G Series – the seventh generation of the middle-of-the-range Silver Series – Monitor Audio continues with its mission to “make audio human.” Monitor Audio calls the new Silver Series "speakers that speak to you." They are meant to bring the emotion back from when you first heard a favorite recording or the soundtrack from a film that has always stuck with you.

Like the new recently upgraded Bronze Series, the Silver Series 7G is a complete line of speakers that can handle anything from two-channel stereo to a full Dolby Atmos surround system. Keep reading below to see if these are the Monitor Audio speakers that speak to you for your Duluth, GA listening or media room.

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Updated Design

The Silver Series 7G is a step up from the affordable Bronze Series. The updated design looks at home in both modern and traditional interiors. Real wood veneers like Black Oak, Natural Walnut, and Ash join more modern finishes like Satin White and Gloss Black, so these speakers do what great speakers do –make a statement but also complement your style.

The Silver Series 7G is a matched speaker set to fit most any listening or media space. The line includes two bookshelves, three towers, a center channel, a dipole surround, Dolby Atmos height speakers, and a 12-inch subwoofer. Besides being matched in appearance, they share a similar driver design, including C-CAM bass and midrange drivers and C-CAM Gold Dome tweeters. Even the subwoofer takes advantage of Monitor Audio's expertise with rigid, fast metal drivers with a 12-inch long-throw C-CAM cone. The Silver Series 7G also features Rigid Surface Technology II, which lets the metal drivers perform with greater precision and ultra-low distortion. As a result, these speakers can play loud, and they'll play clean!

Music, Movies, and Everything Else

With every speaker you need, from the subwoofer to Atmos height, the Silver Series 7G fits anywhere you want great sound. Start with bookshelves for a small stereo setup with a turntable and streaming, and step up to surround later with towers, sub, center channel, and height speakers. Your speaker investment will last for years as the bookshelves can be pulled into surround sound duty. The Silver Series 7G is designed to deliver emotional impact to everything you listen to, from music to films to favorite Netflix and HBO shows.

Sound Quality

As you might expect from Monitor Audio, the Silver Series 7G sounds as good as it looks. At both lower volumes and cranked up for cinema sound, you can expect clean, accurate sound that creates a new level of aural experience from all your favorite content. From upgraded drivers to additional rigidity with RST II to new crossovers, these speakers are engineered to perform.

Experience the Monitor Audio difference – and so much more – at our 20,000 square foot Marietta showroom. To learn more, contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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