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Want a Multiroom Speaker System You Can Hear But Not See?

Discover the Latest in Discreet Architectural Speakers from Sonance

Want a Multiroom Speaker System You Can Hear But Not See?

Do you love great sound but love home style and décor just as much? You're not alone. No matter how beautifully styled and finished a speaker might be, you’d rather not have to look at one. Fortunately, architectural (built-in) speakers have filled that need for many with a vast array of choices that can be neatly tucked into walls and ceilings. 

But let's say you're even more of a stickler on aesthetics. You don't even want to notice the speaker grill on the wall or ceiling. Rather than call you difficult, Sonance – one of the audio industry's longtime pioneers and leaders in architectural audio – decide to create a speaker solution even you could love. Actually, there are two solutions – the Sonance Invisible Series and the James Small Aperture Series. If you are looking for a practically invisible, high-performance multiroom speaker system for your Cumming, Georgia home, you’ll want to read more about these below!

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Sonance Invisible Series

Sonance developed the Invisible Series speakers to virtually disappear in your home. As the company puts it, it is technology out-of-sight, but not out of mind. Sonance has made a host of improvements to the Invisible Series to improve the sound quality and ease of installation to make it blend even more seamlessly into your décor. A Wave Flex drive unit enhances the performance of midrange and high frequencies, while the Air Flex woofer uses a pocket of air and a piston-like diaphragm for better bass response. The result is surprisingly robust sound emanating from your walls from a shallow-depth speaker. 

While other architectural speakers have paintable grills, the Invisible Series can be finished over with paint or different wall finishes. The result is a speaker that hides in plain sight, but the sound will be heard and felt. And that's not all, as the Invisible Series also includes two subwoofer models. The carbon fiber woofer cones can provide amazing bass without the bulk of traditional subwoofers. The Invisible subs have a mounting depth of less than 4 inches! You don't have to give up sound quality for style and décor. 

James Small Aperture Speakers

The James Small Aperture speakers are a slightly different yet equally effective take on producing great sound invisibly. The goal was a design with no compromises in sound quality while providing a way to integrate the speakers discreetly into almost any type of finished ceiling. The small aperture is a key part of the design equation. The aperture (opening) of the speaker starts at three inches, and they are designed to match the typical style and size of ceiling lights. Slim grills on both square and round styles can match the latest LED lighting for a seamless ceiling look. While the grills are paintable, James also went the extra mile on integration. The speakers can be flush-mounted and powder-coated to match custom ceilings like wood veneers and other materials perfectly. Wood or metal finishes can also be perforated while the speakers hide completely behind them. 

Behind their demure façade, James Small Aperture speakers pack a powerful punch. The smaller 3-inch model includes a 6.5-inch mini subwoofer, a 2-inch aluminum midrange driver, and a .75-inch tweeter; it's a true 3-way design with powerful full-range sound. Larger models feature 7-inch square or 9.5-inch round apertures for even more robust sound in larger spaces. The speakers are housed in sturdy metal enclosures that are easy to install before the drywall goes in. If more bass is desired, James also offers a subwoofer starting with a 4-inch aperture. 


For incredible sound with nary a speaker grill in sight, Sonance solutions are sure to please even the most style-conscious audio enthusiast. To learn more, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home audio experts. We look forward to working with you!  

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