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GHT Group is the Go-To Partner for Whole Home Audio Systems

Go with an Industry-Recognized Partner

GHT Group is the Go-To Partner for Whole Home Audio Systems

Few home upgrades are as enjoyable and usable as a whole home audio system. If they say music soothes the soul, why not be soothed in every room of the house? We're not making this up; scientific evidence shows that music can increase oxytocin and serotonin levels in your brain. So if there's music that makes you feel good, having easier access to it is good for you. 

But there are audio systems, and then there are whole home audio systems. One important thing to note about audio everywhere in your house: it's not one size fits all. Not only should your system fit you and the music you listen to, but it should also fit your space. One way to do that is with the choice of speakers. You can have speakers for critical listening in one room and speakers appropriate for background music in other spaces. GHT Group works with the best industry brands like Sonance to design custom audio solutions that fit your specific needs. It's one reason we were named Sonance Authentic Partner of the Year in 2022!

Read on to learn more about how we take a bespoke approach to whole-home sound in your Buckhead, GA home. 

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High-Performance Sound

Do you have one room where you want to hear and feel the sound? You can have that with in-wall speakers too. Sonance’s Reference Series is like a tower speaker that fits into the wall. With individual crossovers, four bass drivers, and separate midrange and treble, this high-performance speaker can handle stereo to immersive surround sound. You can add two sizes of unobtrusive in-wall subwoofers to enhance deep bass for richer sound. 

Invisible Sound

In some rooms, you want high-quality sound, but you want discreet speakers that don’t impede your carefully curated decor and finishes. The Sonance Invisible Series fits the bill for these applications, delivering strong sound in a dining, bedroom, or living area while literally disappearing into the wall. The trick is accomplished by clever mounting and installation design and grills that can be concealed with paint, wallpaper, and other wall finishes. It's the ultimate stealth audio solution where the sound is there, but the speaker is not. 

Outdoor Audio

Whole home audio can and should include outdoor spaces, too. Why limit your soul-soothing to just the indoors? Outdoor audio can be just as rich and equally stealthy. Sonance solutions like the Patio and Garden Series can blanket large areas of your outdoor space with richly detailed sound. With stake-mounted satellite speakers that hide among plantings and partially buried subwoofers, you get the sound quality you crave with speakers that hide in the landscape. 

Speakers are just one of the ways we customize whole home audio for your Buckhead home. To learn more, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!   

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