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What Are the Benefits of Working with a Lighting Designer?

Good Lighting Design Combines Function, Aesthetics, and Ease of Use

What Are the Benefits of Working with a Lighting Designer?

The lighting in your home is more than mere illumination. Yes, it is an essential element in daily life and using your home, much like running water. But just as there are many functional aspects of your house, there's also the aesthetic, the part that makes your spaces pleasant and tailored to your tastes and lifestyle.

Good lighting design is both art and science, and working with a lighting designer is the easiest way to maximize both form and function in your Vestavia Hills, AL, home. Keep reading below to learn three distinct advantages of working with lighting design professionals. 

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Dynamic Tunable Lighting

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry with greater efficiency and longevity, but those are not the only advantages of this technology. LED has created a more dynamic lighting fixture that can change color and white temperature. Called tunable lighting, many consumer lighting products now offer this capability, but professional solutions like Lutron’s Ketra take it to an entirely new level. Ketra lighting has an extremely high CRI (color rendering index) that makes all your colors and finishes appear as true to their actual color as possible. 

Ketra lighting brings out colors in artwork, stone veining, and many other details in your home like never before. In addition, you can enjoy the healthful benefits of light that mimics the sun's natural light. Your home can have the brighter, bluer light of daylight for energy and focus during the day and the more relaxing, calming hues of amber and redder tones in the evening. With a lighting control system, tunable lighting is easily automated and customized to your preferences. 

Stylish Control

With most lighting installations, you have a light switch or dimmer for each individual lighting load. In more sophisticated homes with many lights, this can lead to many confusing light switches to turn on and adjust to get the right balance of light in a space. Lighting control systems replace many switches with fewer, elegant, conveniently located programmable keypads that manage many lights with one button press. The smart programmability allows you to set a lighting scene for different activities and occasions, such as cooking, entertaining, relaxing, and more. 

Convenience, Aesthetics, and Efficiency

Lighting designers advocate for lighting control systems to make lighting not only simple to manage but also add the precise control that makes setting a perfect lighting scene as automated as you wish. Lighting controls can be managed by programmable keypads, schedules, apps on smart devices, and home automation systems. A lighting control system is the key to achieving illumination that is convenient, beautiful, and energy-efficient, all at the same time. 

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