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4 Elegant Keypad Options for Whole-Home Lighting Control

Ditch the Lowly Light Switch for Beautiful, Smart Lighting

4 Elegant Keypad Options for Whole-Home Lighting Control

Most larger homes have a significant amount of built-in lighting. There are recessed downlights, niche lights, under-counter lighting, accent lights, switched plugs for lamps, and much more. All those lights add up to lots of switches. In the design trade, too many wall switches are sometimes called "wall acne."

Needless to say, no one likes acne. But there is a way to ditch those switches and replace them with lighting controls that not only meld with your décor but also become a stylish part of it. Replacing your switches with an intelligent whole-home lighting control system and smart keypads will make it so much easier to manage your Duluth, GA home’s illumination.

Keep reading below for four Lutron wall control options that offer supremely elegant and smart lighting control for your home.

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Lutron seeTouch

Lutron’s seeTouch line offers many button options for consolidating lighting controls on your wall. You can have from one to seven buttons on an individual keypad. With the power of Lutron Homeworks QS system, each of those buttons can command multiple lighting loads set to your preferred settings. For the kitchen, create a scene for cooking, dining, entertaining, and more with one button. Custom engraving and red and blue backlighting make selecting the right switch a snap any time of day. Elegant metal finishes like matte white, satin chrome, satin brass, antique brass, and many more bring style to your wall that doesn't need to hide.

Lutron Grafik T

For a minimalist take on lighting controls, the Grafik T offers a vertical, backlit design with elegant engraving that is clear to use and doesn't look like a wall keypad. With up to six buttons, you can replace wall acne with a streamlined look.

Lutron Palladiom

Lutron Palladiom is a modern, high-style line of wall controls. The Palladiom line covers Lutron's contemporary motorized shade line, too. Palladiom keypads offer a modern aesthetic with up to four buttons per keypad and 1-four gang wall coverage. The options also include matching smart thermostats and duplex electrical receptacles for a seamless, modern look. Dynamic backlighting adjusts to ambient light and also shows the status of a light or other function. Finishes abound in real metal and glass.  Palladiom is ideal for today's ultra-modern and industrial décor.

Lutron Alisse

Lutron's latest keypad line, Alisse, is handcrafted with natural materials and combines a modern aesthetic while evoking the simple button lights of earlier 20th-century lighting. Custom engraving includes options for descriptive icons or text, while backlighting and a plethora of button options ensure easy consolidation of lighting and automation controls in high style.

Lutron HomeWorks QS

Lutron HomeWorks is the lighting control system brain that powers the intelligence behind these beautiful wall keypads. With the ability to control lighting in properties covering 50,000 square feet, there's almost no home it can't manage. Your wall keypads can be the trigger to sophisticated automation for day and night lighting scenes, motorized shading, temperature control, and even music with compatible sound systems.

Ready to ditch the switch and embrace the convenience and power of whole-home lighting control? To learn more, visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our lighting experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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