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3 Ways To Improve Lighting Design with a Recessed Lighting Installation

The Right Recessed Lighting Can Level Up Your Illumination

3 Ways To Improve Lighting Design with a Recessed Lighting Installation

Just about every modern home has some recessed lighting. The most common lighting package in homes is recessed lighting "cans" installed in practically every room. They are relatively inexpensive and can efficiently provide all the light intensity most spaces need. 

While the ubiquitous recessed can lighting is an economical and efficient way to provide needed illumination, it's not necessarily the best quality light, nor does it represent the pinnacle in good lighting design to make your Buckhead, GA residence look its best. But that doesn't mean recessed lighting can't be aesthetically pleasing and stylish. On the contrary, today's modular recessed LED lighting is ultra-versatile and can add new dimensions to your home. As a recessed lighting installation company, we know that the right lighting makes all the difference. Learn more below!

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Living Areas

If you have a large living area like a great room, so prevalent in today’s homes, you will need a significant amount of ambient lighting. Traditional large ceiling cans might take up a lot of space in your ceiling. Newer designs use smaller apertures, as small as 2-4 inches, for a tidier, more contemporary look to your ceiling. Smaller lights do not mean less bright, however. The newest high-intensity LED compact fixtures boast over 1000 lumens, which is a lot of light! You can choose from square or round trims, and they look better with other amenities like architectural speakers in your ceiling. 


Kitchens are a place where you can't skimp on lighting. The same recessed lighting we described above goes perfectly in kitchens, but you can use them for more than ambient illumination. If you don't like the look of pendants over an island, or the design of the island doesn't lend itself to it, recessed lighting, equipped with the proper fixture, makes excellent task lighting for over-counter areas that don't have cabinets above them. Consider contemporary kitchens with more overhead open shelving to display dishes that make it challenging to install under-cabinet lights for task purposes. The right recessed installation will do the trick. 


Bathrooms are another area that needs several types of lighting for utility and ambiance. A bathroom might be brightly lit for getting ready in the morning or serve as a softly illuminated zen spa for soaking in a tub. Recessed lighting coupled with precise lighting control can fit the bill, going from bright near sunlight to a warm glow with dimming. But recessed lighting can also be accent lighting in a bath. Imagine an interesting tile wall washed with soft light to feature the artistry. The recessed lighting can be hidden in a ceiling soffit or cove, depending on the room's design. 

For more ideas on improving your lighting design, let an expert recessed lighting installation company like GHT Group be your guide to a different level of lighting for your Buckhead home. Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!