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3 Ways to Benefit from a Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed Lighting Is More Versatile than You Think

3 Ways to Benefit from a Recessed Lighting Installation

Most homes have some form of recessed lighting. We say "most homes" because older homes in Georgia might have more traditional chandeliers or fixtures centered in the ceiling, along with sconces for decorative lighting. Most modern homes use recessed lighting to provide the base level of ambient light in a room. At its most basic, it might be the "4 cans and a fan" that interior and lighting designers like to joke about. With more sophisticated recessed lighting installations in newer Vinings-area homes, you’ll have a recessed lighting package that provides the right level of ambient illumination for a space. 

Did you know that recessed lighting is much more versatile than the ubiquitous overhead cans? With modern LED lighting, you can use them for task and accent lighting too, and they also have some neat tricks for integrating into your ceilings. Keep reading below to learn about three ways you can use recessed lighting in your Vinings home. 

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Ambient Lighting

You already know that ambient lighting is a common application of recessed lighting. But did you know that new styles can blend better into ceilings than old cans? Some new light styles have very thin housing that enables you to install the lights and make them look like part of the ceiling finish. For example, we love Sonance's Invisible Series speakers for their ability to be trimmed over with your wall paint or other finish, and these lights are very similar in the way they simply look like they're built into your ceiling. 

Task Lighting

When properly installed, recessed lighting can be used for task lighting. You need to ensure proper spacing, intensity, and positioning to provide illumination without glare or shadowing. Two examples of this are lighting a kitchen island with recessed overhead lighting or a bathroom vanity. Task recessed lighting is an excellent fit for modern design with less clutter and can free up space for other design cues in your room. 

Accent Lighting

Yes, recessed lighting is also good at the third leg of the lighting tripod, accent lighting. You can use it for a wall wash, a way of bathing a wall with art or a special finish with soft lighting for a dramatic design effect. You can also use smaller positionable recessed fixtures that are aimed to highlight a piece of artwork on a wall or a sculpture on a shelf. Modern LED technology offers a few extra wrinkles too. Good LED recessed lights are dimmable to low, warm settings similar to candlelight to create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You can go further with tunable lighting like Lutron’s Ketra, which allows you to change the color temperature and color of your lighting to set the perfect ambiance for accenting your beautiful art and decor.


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