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Elevate Your Interior Lighting Design with Linear LED Lighting

Take Your Accent Lighting to the Next Level

Elevate Your Interior Lighting Design with Linear LED Lighting

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – LED technology has created a revolution in lighting. You're seeing it everywhere. In cars, LED lighting has almost totally replaced incandescent and xenon lighting for bright, long-lasting headlights and taillights. In homes, LED bulbs and fixtures offer up to 80% better efficiency and longevity compared to incandescent ones.

But that’s not all. LED technology makes tunable lighting possible to change white color temperature and render color, creating more flexible lighting than ever before. And LED technology makes it possible to design impossibly thin and flexible light sources, like linear lighting.  With new options like Ketra lighting and low voltage LED solutions, GHT group is an interior lighting design company offering new ways to add functional and beautiful illumination to your Buckhead, GA home. Keep reading below to learn how LED linear lighting can add a new level of aesthetic appeal to your home.

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What is Linear Lighting?

Linear lighting is tape, strip, and straight LED lighting with a vast range of usage for functional accent lighting. For under cabinet lighting, it takes up less space and generates virtually no heat compared to standard halogen lights. Plus, because it's based on LED, it's available in a wide range of color temperatures and can also change colors. They can even be used outside, as wet location strip lights sport IP65 and higher water resistance. In addition, these lights can be shaped to go around soffits, under stairs, and much more. And because it's LED, this accent lighting is easy on the environment and the electric bill. GHT Group works with Diode LED for its wide array of high-quality linear lighting solutions.

Where Can It Go?

With flexible indoor and outdoor applications, your imagination might be the only limit. Here are a few ideas. Accent mirrors in bathrooms or large closets with a floating effect by embedding strip lighting behind the mirror. The same accent lighting is popular behind large flat-panel TVs in media rooms, as the backlighting makes today’s super-bright screens easier on the eyes in a darkened room.

Ceiling accents are also easy with linear lighting. Highlight a coved ceiling with strip lights, which add both an accent and useful diffused ambient light. Add color with RGB capable strip lights for drama, parties, and ambiance. Rectangular, round, or whatever shape, flexible strip lighting can be used in many otherwise difficult applications.

Want to add some drama to stairs and paths? Whether it’s pure white light or color, your steps and stepping pavers can appear to float for beauty but also make for safer navigation indoors and out.

Add Smart Control

For even more flexibility, adding lighting control to your linear lighting lets you take full advantage of it. Create layered lighting scenes by adjusting ambient, task, and linear accent lighting to just the right levels for activities like watching movies, conversation, cooking, entertaining, and working from home. Then recall them with one touch from a wall-mounted keypad, a dedicated home automation touch screen, or an app on your smartphone or tablet. Lighting control can also make it easy to change the color output and white color temperature of your linear lighting for mood and ambiance.

Want more expert interior lighting design ideas for your Buckhead home? Let the experts at GHT Group help. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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