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Need Something Fixed? We’re Making it Easier Need Something Fixed? We’re Making it Easier

GHT Group’s New Support App Speeds Up Service Requests

Whenever you work with technology, you can probably count on one thing: it won't always work perfectly. There are many reasons for that, and it doesn't mean that technology products are of poor quality and need lots of attention to get to work. Rather, it reflects the complexity of today's technology solutions, which often rely on products from different companies working together. 

As a home technology integrator, we deal with that every day. As a technology user, on your smartphone, computer, or even your car, you know things don't always work correctly. The question is, what do you do about it, and how can you get help?

We know that home technology may sometimes not work perfectly. But we want to ensure that doesn't get in the way of our clients accessing their entertainment, managing their lights, arming security cameras, or using any other technology solutions they rely on daily. That's why we developed an app to get them the help they need faster. Read more about it below!

Expert Advice for an Exceptional Outdoor Sound System Installation Expert Advice for an Exceptional Outdoor Sound System Installation

We Answer Our Clients’ Top 8 Outdoor Sound FAQs

With the stunning beaches along Florida’s 30A stretch, outdoor living spaces are an essential extension of any home. With the Gulf’s serene backdrop, our clients want to maximize their outdoor entertainment options. One way to elevate luxury homes in the area is a high-end outdoor sound system installation. Imagine relaxing on your patio or hosting a beachside barbecue with crystal-clear music setting the mood. Whether you want a quiet evening or a lively gathering, the right audio setup transforms your outdoor experience. 

Our team is experienced in high-end outdoor audio installations and understands the nuances of striking the perfect balance between technology and nature. From selecting the best equipment to expert calibration, we do everything to guarantee your outdoor sound system delivers exceptional performance, no matter the occasion. So, what does it take to provide a great outdoor audio experience? Dive into some common questions to find out! 

Movies at Your Fingertips: The Home Theater Movie Server Movies at Your Fingertips: The Home Theater Movie Server

Your Personal Cinema at the Touch of a Button

When GHT Group was founded in 1989, a movie server was a dream straight out of the Jetsons. Our company was born out of a deep passion for the then-nascent concept of home theater, providing Laserdisc (bonus points if you remember those) rentals and, later, DVDs. With physical media, a server wasn't a simple concept to execute. While consumer electronics companies built some devices that could handle a few hundred discs in the DVD area, finding a movie and playing it was still a relatively clunky process. Fast-forwarding to 2024, we're in the streaming era, where virtually any video is accessible at the touch of a button. So, who needs a home theater movie server in Atlanta? Need might be too strong a word, but we have several compelling reasons why you might want one. Let’s explore the premier movie server available today, the Kaleidescape system. It's more than a server; it's a higher-level experience for those who love audio and video entertainment at the best possible quality.

Transform Your Outdoors with the Latest Landscape Lighting Solutions Transform Your Outdoors with the Latest Landscape Lighting Solutions

Discover How the Latest Tech and Techniques Enhance Your Outdoor World

Most homeowners in Birmingham probably don't realize just how transformative landscape lighting can be. Beyond just brightening your yard, the latest innovations in outdoor lighting can showcase your home's best features, enhance safety in beautiful ways, and create a captivating ambiance that makes your outdoor spaces as inviting as the indoors. Forget those harsh motion sensor spotlights; today's outdoor lighting solutions are as much about style as functionality. In this blog, we'll explore how the latest landscape lighting solutions and techniques can elevate your home's exterior and offer practical, stylish solutions for every part of your outdoors.

5 Slightly Unusual Ways to Enjoy Outdoor Audio

Beyond the Party, Here’s How Outdoor Sound Can Enrich Your Life

A person enjoys a serene outdoor audio setup in a wood-paneled fire pit area with string lights at dusk in Birmingham.

At GHT Group, we love outdoor living solutions. One of the best things about them is how they can make your outdoor space an extension of the rest of your home. But many people think outdoor entertainment, like audio, might just be used only for, well, entertaining, and may not want to make the investment if outdoor gatherings are an infrequent occurrence. We’re going to go outside the box a little here. Music and audio go quite well with a wide range of activities beyond throwing a party. Let’s explore some unusual things you can do with an outdoor audio system in your Birmingham home. Who knows, it might spark a whole new project to transform your outdoors!

Embrace the Season with the Help of a Landscape Lighting Company Embrace the Season with the Help of a Landscape Lighting Company

Tips to Embellish Every Season with Light Along the Emerald Coast

Part of the charm of Destin and the Emerald Coast is the mild climate that lets you enjoy every season. Unlike other parts of Florida, Destin experiences distinctly cooler temperatures in fall and winter, enough to enjoy different experiences. As a landscape lighting company and expert in smart home technology, GHT Group specializes in elevating outdoor living experiences with innovative lighting solutions that help you enjoy the essence of every season. Let's explore ways we can use the latest landscape lighting techniques and technology to help you make the most of the outdoors throughout the year. 

Our Favorite Multi-Room Music Setups

Experience a Harmony of Design and Sound with Whole-Home Audio

 A modern dining and kitchen area in an Atlanta home showcases a multiroom audio setup with nearly invisible speakers on a green wall.

As a home technology company, we love technology, but never for its own sake. Rather, we love how it can simplify our client’s lives and bring more enjoyment to everyday living. That’s why we love whole-home audio systems; they can bring music to every corner of your Atlanta home, including outdoors. Today’s technology brings amazing ease of use and audio quality to multi-room music setups, making it easier than ever to enjoy the mood-enhancing effects of music in your space. Let's explore some of our favorite solutions for multi-room audio solutions and how they blend seamlessly with your decor and lifestyle.  

Enlightening the Outdoors Enlightening the Outdoors

Explore How GHT Group Transforms Outdoor Spaces with Lighting

As outdoor spaces become extensions of homes, the role of outdoor lighting is increasingly important in enhancing the functionality and the allure of these areas. At GHT Group, we recognize the transformative impact of well-designed outdoor lighting solutions and specialize in designing and integrating these systems to complement your lifestyle. With our extensive expertise in building outdoor living solutions for clients, we've gathered the most common inquiries we receive about outdoor lighting. In this discussion, we share our insights and practical experiences to help you understand the many ways sophisticated lighting design can elevate the beauty and security of your outdoor environments.

GHT Group Attends HTSA Spring Conference in Fort Lauderdale GHT Group Attends HTSA Spring Conference in Fort Lauderdale

What is HTSA, and Why Does GHT Group Participate?

As a leading technology integrator across the Southeast, GHT Group always wants to stay ahead of the curve. By the way, did you know where the phrase  "ahead of the curve" came from? No, it's not baseball; it means staying ahead of the bell curve, the statistical curve that describes the normal distribution of a set of data. Staying ahead of the curve means performing better than average or anticipating and adapting to trends and changes before everyone else does. That's exactly what HTSA is about, and that is why we recently attended the Spring conference in March. Now, if you're wondering what the heck is HTSA and why should you care, we're glad you asked! And we hope you keep reading below as we explain all that.

Why Motorized Window Shades are a Smart Choice for Your Home Why Motorized Window Shades are a Smart Choice for Your Home

From Comfort to Security, Smart Shades Do It All

Imagine waking up in Birmingham to the soft morning light gently filtered through intelligent shades that adjust themselves to greet the day. Motorized window shades are an incredible convenience for your Alabama home, yet there is more to them than meets the eye. Integrating smart shades can be your next step towards modern living, a lifestyle where your home is responsive to your needs day after day and season after season. Let’s explore the options and advantages of smart window shading and why GHT Group should be your partner on the journey to smart home living. 

Motorized Window Shades: A Q&A with GHT Group Motorized Window Shades: A Q&A with GHT Group

GHT Group’s Experience with Custom Automated Shading Solutions

As homes in Atlanta become smarter and more connected, motorized window shades are fast becoming a key feature in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of modern living spaces. At GHT Group, we understand the value of integrating these sophisticated systems and specialize in customizing them to fit your unique lifestyle needs. Drawing from years of experience and a deep commitment to innovative home technology, we've compiled a list of the most common questions we encounter about automated shades. Here, we share our expertise and real-life experiences to help you understand how these solutions can elevate your home's comfort and convenience.

Enhancing Coastal Bliss with Home Automation Enhancing Coastal Bliss with Home Automation

Smart Home Innovations for Security, Sustainability, and Convenience

Spanning Florida's scenic Emerald Coast, the 30A area is renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant communities, and luxurious coastal living. For those fortunate enough to call this paradise a primary or second home, integrating smart technology offers a seamless way to enhance every aspect of coastal living. From blending natural elements with your property, fortifying your abode against unwelcome surprises, and championing eco-conscious living to optimizing your home for guests with ease, home automation is revolutionizing what it means to live and entertain on the Emerald Coast. Let's look at how smart home solutions make 30A homes more secure, sustainable, and simply sublime.

Experience Unrivaled Audio with the New McIntosh C2800 Preamplifier Experience Unrivaled Audio with the New McIntosh C2800 Preamplifier

Discover the Next Evolution in Vacuum Tube Preamplification

With legendary McIntosh audio components, the introduction of a successor to a groundbreaking model is a noteworthy event. As such, the C2800 vacuum tube preamplifier marks a significant milestone for audio enthusiasts. As the replacement to the highly acclaimed C2700, the McIntosh C2800 is not merely an update; it's another major step in the continuous pursuit of perfect sound. McIntosh has once again raised the bar, combining its legacy of sonic excellence with cutting-edge technology to craft a preamplifier that promises to redefine the listening experience. In this blog, we'll cover how the new McIntosh C2800 stands out in the world of high-fidelity audio and how it caters to the most discerning ears in Atlanta and beyond.

Experience the Magic of Outdoor Audio Experience the Magic of Outdoor Audio

GHT Group’s Exclusive Sonance Trial Kit Lets You Try Before You Buy

Imagine stepping into your backyard to find it transformed into a sonic paradise, where every note of your favorite playlist adds a new layer of ambiance to your outdoor living. It’s not as hard as you think. GHT Group can bring this experience right to your doorstep with our innovative outdoor audio trial kit. In the world of outdoor enhancements, few things can match the instant upgrade that high-quality sound brings to your parties, chill-out sessions, or alfresco dinners. And because we believe in the magic of first-hand experience, we’re offering a unique try-before-you-buy opportunity with one of the best in the business: the Sonance Landscape Series (SLS) system. Read on to see how this trial can redefine your outdoor audio expectations and turn your space into the ultimate listening lounge.

Unseen and Unparalleled: Sonance Visual Experience Speakers Unseen and Unparalleled: Sonance Visual Experience Speakers

Sonance Takes a Leap Forward in Audio Performance and Aesthetic Integration

Discerning homeowners in Birmingham have always prized a blend of aesthetic beauty and innovative functionality in their living spaces. The challenge of integrating high-quality audio without disrupting the carefully curated architecture and decor can sometimes be a difficult compromise. With the new Sonance Visual Experience Series, a symphony of design and sound comes together, virtually eliminating the compromise. Sonance speakers have always set the standard in architectural audio, and with the Visual Experience Series, they've outdone themselves. Drawing from decades of Sonance expertise in architectural speakers, this series marks a transformative advancement from the celebrated Visual Performance line. It allows Alabama homeowners to experience unmatched audio fidelity that complements their home's design—seamlessly weaving the extraordinary into the fabric of everyday life. Explore more about the Sonance Visual Experience line below.