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Articles in Category: Outdoor Home Theater, Roswell, GA

GHT Group is the premier source in Roswell and the metro Atlanta area for outdoor home theater and entertainment solutions. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

How to Put Together an Outdoor Home Theater

Part 77 of a 102-Part Series

How to Put Together an Outdoor Home Theater

OK, we’re only joking here; we are nowhere near 77 articles on the subject of outdoor home theaters. However, it is a subject we love to write about, as few things bring as much pleasure as watching a good flick under the stars on a warm evening.

In this installment, we will show you how to put together a budget-friendly system for relatively impromptu home theater sessions on the patio. Unlike other options we've discussed in the past, it's not a permanent setup, but one that can be put up and put away reasonably quickly. What's more, this setup's components can also pull double duty indoors, like in a kids-oriented game room. 

Intrigued by this idea for your Roswell, GA home? Let's dive into what you'll need.