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Articles in Category: Lutron Dealer Woodstock, GA

GHT Group is a premier Lutron dealer offering custom lighting management solutions in Woodstockand the metro Atlanta area. Call us at (770) 955-8909.

Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control

Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control

Lutron RadioRA 3 Is a Game Changer in Lighting Control

Lutron is the world leader in lighting control solutions in both residential and commercial markets. Unlike other companies constantly churning out new products every year, Lutron tends to take more time introducing new technology and products.

Does that mean Lutron isn't innovative? The company that invented the modern solid-state dimmer doesn't rest on its laurels. But it also recognizes that people expect lights to just work. No one needs fancy lighting scenes that don't work consistently or light switches that take a second to turn on a light. Lutron is all about reliable, simple, fast operation. When you invest in a lighting control system for your Woodstock, GA home, you’re going to have it for years, and it has to work all the time.

Indeed, the company’s popular RadioRA 2 system was around for many years. A system that could manage medium to very large homes, it was a popular and rock-solid solution. But now there’s a new, upgraded system, Lutron RadioRA 3. Why is it a big deal to Lutron dealers and technology integrators like GHT Group? Find out more by reading below.