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Is It Time to Reconsider the Soundbar?

The Klipsch Heritage Soundbar Helps Erase the Stigma

Is It Time to Reconsider the Soundbar?

Note: We first wrote this high-performing post in summer of 2019 and have since updated it to fit the times. And yes, though one year has passed since we drafted this article, soundbars still don’t generate as much praise from audio enthusiasts as some other sound technologies, like, say, architectural speakers.

However, few can deny the convenience of connecting one speaker to the TV and hearing impressive sound. And when you witness the state-of-the-art craftsmanship like the Klipsch Heritage Soundbar, we think you’ll respect their capabilities. If you’ve never tried a Klipsch product before, we consider this speaker a great introduction to how superior engineering can do more with less volume.

These days, home entertainment consumes much of our days. We might wish for more media in more spaces; the easier the better. Maybe you have the full surround-sound configuration in your dedicated home theater but want something simpler to connect when you view movies in your bedroom. Keep reading to see why Klipsch’s soundbar might make you reevaluate soundbars altogether.

Product Overview: The Klipsch Heritage Soundbar

Get Your Custom Soundbar at GHT Group, Atlanta’s Exclusive Klipsch Heritage Dealer

Product Overview: The Klipsch Heritage Soundbar

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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Soundbars sometimes get a bad rap. Audio enthusiasts tend to downplay these integrated speaker systems as fashion items with inferior sound quality. There are many soundbars on the market, and the bad rap, unfortunately, holds true for a great number of them. 

Soundbars, however, are incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. Some rooms don’t have a great deal of space for separate speakers. In some older homes, it may be challenging to retrofit wires for architectural speakers. Some people don't want to see more than one speaker in their room and prefer only a sleekly mounted speaker under the TV where it doesn't draw too much attention. The soundbar is a neat solution for all those scenarios. 

What about sound quality? The soundbar has benefited from over a decade of refinement in engineering. Digital signal processing, as well as better quality drivers and construction, enable today's higher-end soundbars to rival the sound quality of multi-speaker systems. Last month, we told you about Leon custom soundbars, an excellent choice for minimalist media rooms 

This month, we have another customizable soundbar to tell you about, from none other than Klipsch. You know Klipsch as a classic American audio brand that’s been in business for over 70 years. GHT Group is proud to be Atlanta’s only Klipsch Heritage dealer, carrying audio enthusiast speakers like the Klipschorn as well as the affordable Reference Premier line. We’re excited to tell you about the new Klipsch Heritage Soundbar, which offers discreet, elegant looks with the robust sound quality you expect from Klipsch. Keep reading below for the details!