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Articles in Category: Interior Lighting Design Company Roswell, GA

GHT Groupis an interior lighting design and home technology company serving Roswell and the Metro Atlanta area. Visit our Marietta showroom today!

Interior Lighting Design for Home Gyms: Elevating Exercise

Power Through Your Workouts with These Lighting Tips

Interior Lighting Design for Home Gyms: Elevating Exercise

When the pandemic hit and gyms everywhere were suddenly closed, there was a renewed focus on exercise at home. Wait times for Peloton bikes stretched for weeks, dumbbell and weight sets were nowhere to be found, and it seemed like the entire world was doing yoga classes on Zoom, YouTube, or from exercise apps.

Now, gyms have reopened, Peloton is even offering discounts (gasp!), but the home gym is here to stay. Why? It’s easy, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can control your environment, and it’s much simpler to step away from a work-from-home day to get some exercise in. Not to mention that no one will care that you’re not wearing the latest Nike or Lululemon. 

But one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in home gyms is lighting. Just like in the home office and your living areas, lighting affects every activity. Keep reading to learn about the most illuminating ideas interior lighting design companies recommend for Roswell, GA, home gyms.