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When It’s Time To Return to the Office, Choose Crestron Automation

Crestron Mercury Can Take Your Meeting Space From Old to State-of-the-Art

When It’s Time To Return to the Office, Choose Crestron Automation

This blog was originally drafted in 2019, a time that, given our current situation, now feels like a lifetime ago for many of us. Not that long ago, we were all going to and from our offices without a single worry. Fast-forward to now, and we’re working remotely, often while managing home and children responsibilities.

Once the brunt of this pandemic passes, many of us will go back to our office. However, we expect that now that companies have adapted to a work-from-home structure, some team members, especially those who have higher risk factors, will ask to continue working remotely for a while. Stay connected in this new reality with more robust video conferencing features from our partner, Crestron. We’ll give you a brief history of videoconferencing and some of our favorite Crestron capabilities.

Why A Professional Network Installation Matters Now, More Than Ever

Strengthen Your Connection with Our Network Installation Services

Why A Professional Network Installation Matters Now, More Than Ever

With several school districts across Metro Atlanta area temporarily closing their doors due to a surge in COVID-19, families are transitioning to remote operations. Once again, adults are working from home, kids are learning from home, and families are continuing their enjoyment of streaming entertainment while they stay safe indoors.

Meanwhile, all of this streaming activity is straining your home’s bandwidth. Think of the data that you’re transmitting as an information highway. If too much information tries to move at once, your data runs into a sort of traffic jam. This is where a strong network comes in: Multiple networking zones and access points can unjam all the competing data coming into your network at one time. But the type of network you need right now requires some professional integration help to pull off, especially if you plan to scale up your smart home. We can help!

Modernize Your Boardroom Technology with Crestron Automation

Crestron Mercury Can Take Your Meeting Space From Old to State-of-the-Art

Modernize Your Boardroom Technology with Crestron Automation

This blog has now been updated; you can view this updated post here.

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You may recall the early days of video conferencing. It wasn’t that long ago. Video conferencing has been around in some form since the 1980s, but it was an expensive, slow, and often tedious experience. The equipment was bulky and complicated to operate, the video was grainy, and your meeting could include video or audio, just not both at the same time. It was often easier to default to a phone call.

Fast forward to modern times, where almost every smartphone has the camera and audio capability to make an excellent videoconference device. Today it's easy and often free-to-use collaboration solutions from laptops and mobile devices, with excellent video resolution and audio capabilities thanks to today’s powerful and sophisticated hardware and software. A host of collaboration applications like Zoom, Slack, Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Hangouts, GoToMeeting, and many others offer the ability to see and hear the other party, as well as share just about any digital information from a computer and collaborate on it in real-time.

That’s great for the individual in an office – or on a beach – but what about getting a group together in the conference room? The dynamic is different, as your group may be collaborating with another group in another part of your company, or it can be a client or partner on the other side of the world. We want the same ease of use from our laptops and mobile devices when we are meeting and collaborating in a group setting.

If you’ve heard of the term BYOD (bring your own device), it means that workers want to use the tools they use every day – laptops, tablets, and smartphones – for business collaboration, without having to learn complicated new software or processes. If you’re stuck with yesterday’s technology in your conference rooms, you’re not set up for today’s fast-paced collaboration. If all you have in your conference room is a speakerphone, then you have an excellent opportunity to upgrade.

Crestron, a long-time leader in both home and commercial automation, has the solution to modernize your Alpharetta or Midtown meeting spaces instantly. Crestron Mercury is an integrated hardware and software solution that can bring your conference room into the 21st century.

Ready to see how Crestron automation can elevate your conference room right now? Just keep reading.