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Wired or Wireless? How to Decide Which System to Use for Motorized Shades

Lutron’s Motorized Shades Give You the Power of Choice

Wired or Wireless? How to Decide Which System to Use for Motorized Shades

Have we convinced you to make the leap to motorized shades? If you haven’t, you may want to take a closer look at all the benefits they can bring to your Buckhead home. We at GHT Group think that motorized shades are one of the best innovations since sliced bread. Perhaps we jest a bit, but truthfully, automated shades are one of the best smart technology investments you can make for your home.

The reasons are straightforward. First, automated shades are an incredible time-saving convenience. You can block the hot sun's rays in the late afternoon. You can protect your artwork, furnishings, and rugs from UV damage. And you can wake up to sunlight in your bedroom, all without lifting a finger.

Beyond that, motorized shades can help you become a better steward of the environment. Blocking out summer heat at peak times will make your HVAC system breather easier and save on energy costs. In the winter, shading material can serve as another insulating barrier, also saving on heating costs. If you integrate your automated shades with smart home control systems like Control4 or Crestron, your shades can team up with intelligent lighting and climate control for a complete energy-efficient system.

 Have we convinced you yet? Hopefully, we have, but you will still have a decision to make beyond the plethora of styles available for your motorized shades. Read on to see more.

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Wired or Wireless?

The big choice with motorized shades is which way to power them. Our shading partner Lutron – the same company that pioneered lighting control – offers two methods: wired low voltage and battery-powered. As you might guess, a wired system will involve more work, and may or may not be the best approach to a retrofit situation. If you just want motorized shades without getting into walls or other installation headaches, the battery-powered option is the way to go. 

Lutron's Serena shade line is a wireless-only battery-powered solution. It has quiet and powerful electric motors that last months or even years depending on how often the shades are used. The only downside of a battery solution? You do eventually have to replace or recharge them. While not a difficult task, if the shades are mounted very high or are otherwise difficult to access because of décor, you should factor that into your decision.

There's' one other limiting factor to battery-powered shades. Battery-powered motors are not as powerful as electrically wired ones. For very large shades and heavier materials that require more power to move, a wired approach may be the better solution.


Why Go Wired?

With today’s advances in wireless networking, many people think that wired network connections are passé. For many high-performance applications, wired network connections are still the right way to go, and it’s worth the extra investment to make sure your system performs as it should.

You can think much the same way with motorized shading and window treatments. Some applications, because of the size of the window treatment and the material, will demand the higher performance of a wired solution. For example, Lutron’s Sivoia QS system works with all their types of shading, including drapery tracks, rollers, and skylight shading.

If you are embarking on a significant remodel, addition, or new home build, it makes sense to look at a wired system. It’s much easier to install the low voltage wiring before drywall and finishes are in, and the convenience of never having to worry about battery replacement is liberating. Plus, you can use virtually any type of powered window treatment size and style.

But perhaps your addition is the only new construction, and you want the convenience of motorized shading as you redecorate the entire house. The good news is that you can use a combination of wired and wireless Lutron shades, and they will all be controlled by the same system. Lutron’s many stylish keypads and Lutron Bridge for app control all offer seamless control of any of their automated shades. For more comprehensive smart home control options,  Lutron motorized shades provide integration with leading home automation systems like Crestron and Control4, both of which are offered by GHT Group.


GHT Group has all the motorized shade and windows treatment options for your Buckhead home.  Please call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, visit our showroom or click the live chat button below to connect with us right away - we look forward to working with you.

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