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Love Sonos? Here Are 9 Ways to Build a Sonos Multi-Room Audio System Setup

Start Your Whole-Home Audio Experience with Sonos

Love Sonos? Here Are 9 Ways to Build a Sonos Multi-Room Audio System Setup

Sonos is a popular audio system for audio enthusiasts of all stripes. First, their wireless speakers sound as good or better than those of practically any other vendor at like prices. Second, Sonos is also a software-based solution, offering simplified app-based configuration, room correction tuning, a host of streaming sources, and more built into an intuitive app.

If you’ve started a Sonos experience with a smart speaker like the Sonos One, you’ve likely enjoyed the sound quality, ease of use, and convenience of voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. You can pair two of them for fuller stereo sound, with no wiring required – but you do have to plug them in. You can then add another one or two of them in another room, and with a few clicks, presto, you can have synchronized multiroom audio for your favorite music and podcasts. Or you can have a soundbar for your TV like the Arc or Beam, and that can serve as a part of your multiroom system too.

But there's even more you can do for whole-home audio with other custom-installed Sonos products from GHT Group. Read on to learn more about Sonos multiroom system solutions and if they’re right for your home.

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Sonos Wireless Speakers

The easiest and simplest Sonos solution is their wireless speaker series. They go from small to large (the One and the Five) and can also be paired with the Sonos Sub for enhanced bass. The Five is better suited for larger rooms, although the One is no slouch for volume or bass. Both can be paired for true stereo and tuned for the room with Sonos' innovative Trueplay room correction, which uses the microphone on your smartphone to analyze your room acoustics to adjust the speaker’s equalization and output. The speakers can connect over your wireless network or a wired ethernet connection. It’s a straightforward approach. But what if you like the sound of other speakers, or you want the simplicity of the Sonos app with your own stereo or media room setup? Keep reading!

Bring Sonos to Your Audio Setup

You can have your Sonos in more flexible ways with other audio equipment of your choice. The Sonos Port is the first step into bringing your favorite audio gear into a Sonos wireless streaming setup. The Port is a wired or wireless streamer that brings all the Sonos control and streaming sources to your audio setup through simple line outputs, connecting through analog or digital outputs. Love your beautiful McIntosh integrated amp and Klipsch Heritage speakers? Make them a Sonos zone with a Port. If you have a multichannel system in the media or living room, adding a Port will also enable it as a room in your multi-room audio setup. With a Port, even your turntable can be a source in your multiroom system. You will, however, have to actually put a record on it and start it up, but you will thoroughly enjoy that very analog experience.

A Sonos Architectural Solution

The Sonos Amp is the foundation of Sonos’ answer to those who want architectural (built-in) speakers. The Amp, as the name implies, brings Sonos streaming as well as a powerful 125-watt per channel amplifier to the table to power tower, bookshelf, or architectural speakers. You can mix and match Amp in various ways; there's too much detail to go into here. For example, it can serve as part of your multiroom setup and form the basis of a TV surround system for a bedroom or smaller media room, with built-in or freestanding speakers. The beauty of Sonos is you can mix Ports, Amps, and Sonos wireless speakers to cover a variety of spaces and audio needs in your home.

Setting Up Your First Sonos Speaker

Embarking on your Sonos journey begins with setting up your first Sonos speaker. Whether it's a Sonos One, Sonos Move, or Five, the process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Open the Sonos app on your smartphone or tablet, which will guide you through the steps of connecting your speaker to your Wi-Fi network. This initial setup is crucial as it lays the foundation for expanding your Sonos system to other rooms in your home. Remember, the Sonos app is not just a tool for setup but also acts as the central hub for controlling your speakers, adjusting settings, and accessing a wide range of streaming services.

How to Group Two Speakers or More Together for Multi-Room Sonos Setup

Grouping multiple Sonos speakers allows you to play music synchronously across different rooms, creating a seamless audio experience throughout your home. To sync speakers, open the Sonos app, go to the "Rooms" tab, and select the speakers you wish to group together. You can play the same music throughout the house or choose different tracks for each grouped room. This flexibility makes Sonos an ideal choice for entertaining, allowing you to tailor the audio to the preferences of your guests in different areas.

Creating a Stereo Pair with Sonos Products

For those seeking a more immersive sound experience, Sonos offers the option to create a stereo pair using two identical speakers, such as two Sonos One units. This setup elevates the audio quality by providing distinct left and right channels, enhancing the depth and richness of the sound. To set up a stereo pair, select the two speakers in the Sonos app and choose the "Create Stereo Pair" option. This configuration is perfect for music and movie enthusiasts who crave a more dynamic and engaging listening experience.

Incorporating Wired Speakers into Your Sonos Music System

Sonos isn't limited to its wireless speakers. The Sonos Amp and Port allow you to integrate your existing wired speakers into the Sonos ecosystem. The Sonos Amp powers passive speakers, turning them into smart speakers that can be part of your Sonos multi-room audio system. Meanwhile, the Sonos Port connects to your stereo or home theater receiver, enabling you to stream music and control it through the Sonos app. This flexibility ensures that you can keep using your beloved speakers while enjoying the benefits of Sonos' software and streaming capabilities.

Sonos Setup Tips

To get the most out of your Sonos system, consider the placement of your speakers and the acoustics of each room. Use the Sonos Trueplay tuning feature, which customizes the sound of the speaker based on the room's unique characteristics. Additionally, regularly update the Sonos app and firmware of your speakers to access new features and improvements. Experiment with different settings, such as the EQ and loudness, to find the best sound for each room.

Expanding Your Sonos System to Multiple Rooms by Grouping Speakers together

Expanding your Sonos system is as easy as adding more speakers to your network. Each new speaker can be set up through the Sonos app and placed in any room of your house. You can decide whether to group it with existing speakers or use it independently, giving you complete control over your multi-room audio experience. Whether you're adding another Sonos One SL in your kitchen or a Sonos Beam soundbar for your TV, each addition enhances your home audio setup.

Conclusion: Embracing the Sonos Ecosystem

Embracing the Sonos ecosystem means embracing a world of high-quality sound, convenience, and flexibility. Whether you're just starting with a single Sonos speaker or looking to create a comprehensive multi-room system, Sonos offers a scalable solution that grows with your needs. With the ability to mix and match wireless and wired components, create stereo pairs, and customize settings for each room, Sonos provides a personalized audio experience that is unmatched in the world of home sound systems.

By following these tips and exploring the capabilities of the Sonos app and speakers, you can build an audio system that perfectly matches your lifestyle and listening preferences. Enjoy the journey of discovering the full potential of your Sonos setup, and let music fill every corner of your home.

When might you not want to use Sonos for multiroom audio?  GHT Group will always consider your needs and desires and recommend the best multi-room audio system for you. When you get into larger properties and many zones, other systems may provide a more flexible and cost-effective solution for whole-home audio. But for simpler setups, there’s much to love with Sonos.

Want to get started building a Sonos multiroom audio system? Call us at 770-955-8909, contact us here or click the button below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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