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Crestron Home Puts Complete Control in Your Hands

The Intelligent Platform for Managing Your Smart Home

Crestron Home Puts Complete Control in Your Hands

Sometimes, technology adds needless complexity to life. Shouldn’t technology make our life easier? When it comes to home automation, it’s surprising how some products and solutions seem to forget that critical aspect. Sometimes you get new innovative ways of doing things, but often you have to adjust to the vagaries of the technology.

As a company that has been at the forefront of smart home automation for decades, Crestron believes technology should simplify, not complicate. With the latest iteration of Crestron Home, they continue to deliver on that premise with an intelligent platform designed to make managing a smart home as simple, intuitive, and natural as possible. As a longtime Crestron dealer in Metro Atlanta, GHT Group is excited by the evolution of Crestron Home and the ease it presents in leveraging the full power of home automation, from lighting to climate to entertainment to security and more.

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The Crestron Home App

Understanding that many homeowners like to use their personal devices for home control, Crestron created a single experience for managing every aspect of a smart home. The continuously updated Crestron Home app provides a seamless experience for accessing and controlling AV entertainment, lights, shades and window treatments, security cameras, smart locks, and more. Use the app at home, and when away, an internet connection is all that’s needed to have the same level of control.

Surfacing the most used functions is easy in the app. You can have frequently used automation like “Arrive Home” and “Good Morning” front and center with one tap to set your home’s atmosphere with preferred settings for temperature, lighting, shading, and more. Easily arm and disarm your alarm system without fumbling with codes or wall panels. Lock all doors with a single tap or unlock specific ones. Get instant access to all thermostats controlling multiple HVAC zones of your house.

Dedicated Controls

Crestron also recognizes that not everyone wants to take out their smartphone or tablet whenever they want to manage their smart home. Dedicated home controls are always available, durable, and customizable to your preferences. Horizon and Cameo keypads present simple buttons ideal for managing lights, shading, and audio system volume without starting or switching to the app. Powerful automation lets you access the same automated scenes with one press of a button on the wall keypad.

For more extensive management of your smart home, Creston makes 5, 7, and 10-inch touchscreens with the same Crestron Home interface for complete and intuitive control. The 5-inch wall-mounted touchscreen is notable for the ability to display video feeds from cameras and full control of a Sonos or Crestron whole-home audio system. You can have one in every room for cost-effective smart control everywhere. For home offices – or even a kitchen desk – the 7-inch Crestron desktop system pairs Crestron Home control with a business-class speakerphone for clear audio calls from home even as you move around the room. For easier AV control, nothing beats the tactile feel of buttons for quick volume and media control. The Crestron TSR-310 fills the bill with automated AV system and home control, and real buttons for a better entertainment experience.

Going Above and Beyond

Beyond typical smart home features like lighting and entertainment, Crestron Home can also manage other home features. For example, integrate your pool and spa controls with Crestron home for heater control and to start and stop pumps. Coordinate air purification systems with your HVAC for improved air quality in your home automatically. Add your irrigation system, and you can ensure that it doesn’t come on when it’s raining or you are enjoying your outdoor space. Even add monitoring and control of smart kitchen appliances for the ultimate in smart home management.

Are you ready for a smart home system that’s tailored to your lifestyle? To learn more about Crestron Home,  call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or click the button below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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