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Crestron Brings a New Level of Sound Quality to Whole-Home Audio

IP Audio Distribution Keeps Sound Quality Pristine

Crestron Brings a New Level of Sound Quality to Whole-Home Audio

Aside from the continuing popularity of vinyl records, the world of audio went digital years ago. It started with the CD, moved into computers, audio players epitomized by the iconic iPod, and ultimately into internet streaming. Sound, however, is an analog wave, and in many systems, that final step of delivering sound to the speaker is still analog.

In whole-home audio systems, depending on the cabling setup, the system might have speaker wire emanating from a central point to speakers in many rooms and even outside. In those configurations, distances must be considered as the signal can degrade over very long runs. Different connections and cabling might be made to move amplifiers closer to the speakers in some of those cases.

Digital audio, when routed over wiring like standard ethernet cable, does not degrade over distance. Bits are bits, and if all the bits don't make it over to where they're going, network protocols check for that and ensure that missing bits get sent. Digital audio can be sent over any distance without affecting sound quality. That makes distributing audio digitally ideal for whole-home audio, especially in very large homes and properties.

As a longtime Crestron dealer, GHT Group has significant experience with the company’s digital audio and video distribution solutions in both the residential and commercial spaces. We’re excited that Crestron is bringing flexible IP audio distribution to your Duluth, GA home with unprecedented scalability and usability. Keep reading to learn more about the new DM NAX matrix amplifier for whole-house audio.

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Audio over IP

Digital transmission has revolutionized media over the past 20 years. When cable TV first came out, the cable going into your house could only carry a limited number of channels. When cable TV went digital, digital compression enabled several hundred channels to go into the home with the very same cable. Today, the cable going into your home can now carry the incredible variety of digital media available over the internet. And the quality is based on the source itself, not how far it travels over the wire. Those same benefits accrue to distributing audio digitally around your home.

Crestron’s DM NAX Solution

Crestron’s recently introduced DM/NAX streaming amplifier takes full advantage of the latest high-resolution audio formats and the company’s experience with digital media distribution solutions. It has built-in music streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, as well as Apple's Airplay2 so you can play any audio from your Apple devices. Highly scalable, up to 32 DM NAX units can be used in a network supporting up to 256 different audio zones to fit the needs of the largest properties. The DM NAX is interoperable with Dante audio networking, and there are scores of self-powered IP audio speakers that will work with the system, connected only with standard ethernet cable.

But the DM NAX solution is not just for IP audio speakers. The powerful 150 watts/channel amplifier can power up to 8 stereo speaker pairs configurable into one or more zones. The incredible flexibility lets you use existing speakers and easily add zones at long distances with IP speakers in other zones. Beyond streaming music, analog and digital inputs let you pipe TV sound or even your turntable through your whole-home system. Powered by Crestron Home's new streamlined, modernized app, controlling the system is straightforward for any user.


GHT Group is your local Metro Atlanta Crestron dealer. For the ultimate Crestron whole-home audio system, call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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