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Showcase the Beauty of Your Trees with Landscape Lighting

Got Trees? Light Them Up!

Showcase the Beauty of Your Trees with Landscape Lighting

here are many great things about living in the Florida Panhandle, not the least of which is the climate. Warm and temperate with abundant sunshine and rainfall all year round, it’s perfect for keeping your landscape green and lush in every season. What else grows well? Trees! You won’t have to wait too long for your longleaf pines, saw palmetto, or royal palms to attain epic proportions. 

Want to enjoy your beautiful trees after the sun goes down? Make them emerge from the night with the help of an expert landscape lighting company. Here are a few of our favorite ways to show off the trees of your Inlet Beach, FL, home. 


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Uplight Tall Trees

Want to add drama to your trees? Uplight them with a light pointed upward toward the canopy. Lighting has a way of directing the eye, so uplighting can make your trees look more dramatic at night, as they stand out in the dark with no competition from the horizon. It’s perfect for tall palms, oaks, and many other species. What happens when you have shrubs or flowers around your tree? You don’t want your uplight obstructed. With the speed at which things grow in Florida, the solution is simple. Put your uplight on riser stakes that just clear the foliage, keeping them concealed but clearing the light path. 


Natural moonlight casts a beautiful glow over your landscape at night. But the moon doesn’t shine every night, and even Florida has cloudy nights. Make your own moonlight with fixtures in your tall trees to gently light up the night. You can use a “cool” light tone that simulates moonlight. If you have trees lining a long walkway or driveway, it’s also perfect for safety lighting

Wash the Shorties

No, you don't need to wash your trees. But you can wash them with light. If you have a large shrub, short palm, or beautiful bougainvillea you've been cultivating for some years, a wash light can accent it nicely. Wash lights also work well on the architectural features of your home. 

Keep it Balanced

Is there a neighbor down the street that went too far with outdoor lighting? Don't let your home be that one. There's a balance to landscape lighting. You don't need to highlight everything, nor do you need to have too much brightness. You also don't want to inadvertently shine a light pointing into a neighbor's window or affecting a driver in the street. And you need to be careful with path lights and others, keeping them out of the way so people don't trip. 

The best way to accent your beautiful property is with the help of an expert local landscape lighting company—like GHT Group! Contact us here or click the chat box below to connect with one of our experts quickly. We look forward to working with you!