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Add Panache to Landscape Lighting with Varying Intensity and Color

Make Your Home Stand Out in the Night

Add Panache to Landscape Lighting with Varying Intensity and Color

Landscape lighting is a great way to show off the beauty of your Vinings home and grounds after dark. Did you know that today's landscape lighting offers dimming and color control? Now, when we say you can make your home stand out, we're not talking about making it look like a Fremont Street casino in Vegas. We are talking about using tasteful colors and varying light intensities to paint a beautiful view of your home in the Georgia night. 

How do you do this? With the help of an experienced landscape lighting company like GHT Group, it’s easy. Here are some of our favorite ways to use landscape lighting to make your home stand out – gracefully.

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Different Zones

First, your landscape lighting can be something other than one on-and-off set of lights. Surprisingly, many basic outside lighting plans have only one or two circuits. You can segment your lighting into multiple zones, and each zone can also have varying intensity. Indoors, you might have dimmers and, better yet, lighting control to create an effect with layered lighting that enhances your space. You can use the same layered effects outdoors, like softly lighting a bed of colorful spring plants and more brightly highlighting a tree. Advanced LED low-voltage outdoor lighting systems like FX Luminaire incorporate multiple zones and dimming into the system, so you can create a rich and dramatic effect with lighting. 

Color Your Outdoor World

In the not-too-distant past, adding color was a matter of changing a bulb for each color. You can imagine how highly impractical that is, like changing out your holiday lighting. Today's landscape lighting includes LED bulbs and lights that can dynamically change color temperature, color, saturation, and brightness. Now lighting becomes an artistic tool to enhance your nightscape. Match the seasons with beautiful hues of red and gold in the fall, celebrate the holiday season with its colors, or light up the yard for a game-watch party night with the team colors. It's all done with the convenience of a home automation touchscreen controller or an app on your smartphone.

Control It Easily

If you add multiple layers of lighting with zones, color, and intensity, naturally managing the lighting becomes more complex. But you don't have to do it manually! These modern systems have app control and home automation integration to make lighting management a breeze. Your preferred settings can be saved as lighting scenes, such as one for team colors, the season, or the holiday. One button can turn on all your outdoor lighting just the way you want it. And with astronomical timers, you can put your lighting on autopilot. For even more automated fun, integrate your outdoor lighting with a smart home system like Control4, and you can coordinate indoor and outdoor lighting, outdoor water features, security, and much more. 


Are you ready for landscape lighting that creates the wow factor at night? Reach out to us here to get started, or click the chat below to connect with us right away. We would love to help you!