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The Sony Picture Frame TV: Elegance Meets Innovation

The TV as Art for Design-Forward Homes

The Sony Picture Frame TV: Elegance Meets Innovation

The evolution of televisions from stylish centerpieces to wall-mounted flat panels has left style-conscious homeowners and interior designers with a dilemma: the large black rectangle that dominates the room when the TV is off. Sony's X93L TV, in collaboration with Leon's custom frames, offers an elegant solution that turns heads in Atlanta homes. The innovative Sony picture frame TV blends the best of Sony’s display technology with artistic flair, transforming your television into a piece of art when not in use. Discover how this designer-approved transformation ensures your TV complements your home's aesthetics instead of compromising them.

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A Canvas at Idle

The shift to flat-panel TVs has left a visual void in our living spaces, a challenge that Sony's X93L TV, framed by Leon's StudioFrame, elegantly overcomes. It reimagines the idle TV as a canvas of expression, showcasing curated artwork that elevates your room's ambiance. This innovation is a nod to those who appreciate fine art and high tech in equal measure. In Atlanta's stylish homes, this picture frame TV harmonizes with any interior theme, offering a sleek, functional design when on and a display of art when off, seamlessly integrating into your lifestyle and décor.

The Leon Studio Frame for Sony Bravia X93L

The Leon Studio Frame offers a unique way to transform the Sony Bravia X93L TV into a piece of art. Designed specifically for 65 and 75-inch models, it elegantly frames the TV, turning it into a display for digital art when not in use. The frame comes in a variety of finishes to match any décor, including Walnut, White Oak, Black Oak, and Charcoal Oak. It features a motion-and-light sensor to turn the TV off, conserving energy when the room is unoccupied. Users can access a range of art through Sony's art app, including selections from the National Gallery Collection of Paintings. The mounting and wiring are all neatly concealed behind the TV, so the frame looks like a custom aesthetic addition to your wall. 

Custom Audio for the Sony Frame TV

Leon's custom Framebar and Horizon Soundbars are more than just audio accessories for the Sony X93L; they're integral to its aesthetic and performance. Designed to complement the TV's frame, these soundbars blend seamlessly into your Atlanta home's décor, maintaining the elegance of your space. Aesthetically, they mirror the frame's finish, creating a unified, stylish look. In terms of audio, these soundbars deliver crisp, room-filling sound that enhances your viewing experience. The accompanying subwoofer, also custom-finished, ensures rich bass without disrupting the room's design harmony. This audio solution is the perfect balance of form and function, offering a sophisticated audio-visual experience both seen and heard.

Choose from several Leon custom soundbar options to complement your Studio Frame TV. The FrameBar is handcrafted to match the exact width and finish options of your TV and brings music and TV sound to life. The Horizon series soundbars bring custom sizing with high-fidelity woofers and tweeters to level up the sound quality. The H2Ultima soundbar brings reference-grade audio to a custom option with world-class, woven polypropylene woofers and 1-inch cloth-dome tweeters for the ultimate fitted soundbar solution. 

The Sony Bravia X93L – The Perfect Viewing Canvas

A TV that is going to display intricate works of art needs to be an appropriate platform to showcase it. Fortunately, Sony's Bravia X93L TV is the epitome of visual excellence, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who prioritize top-tier picture quality. This TV features Sony's advanced 4K HDR Processor X1, delivering stunning picture quality with rich color, contrast, and clarity. The X93L is equipped with Full Array mini-LED backlighting for more realistic peaks of brightness, deep blacks, and vibrant colors. It also boasts Sony's XR Triluminos Pro technology, which reproduces a wider, more precise range of colors. Additionally, the TV incorporates XR Motion Clarity technology, ensuring fast-moving scenes are smooth and clear. All managed by Sony’s industry-leading Cognitive Processor XR image processing, this level of technical sophistication in the X93L makes it a standout choice for a high-quality viewing experience in any Atlanta home.

Integration with Home Design and Automation

At GHT Group, integrating the Sony picture frame TV into Atlanta homes goes beyond simple installation. We collaborate with homeowners to create personalized experiences through technology integration and smart automation. Imagine a scene where custom lighting sets the mood; your TV displays specific artwork, and audio from integrated speakers fills the room. Conversely, a media-focused scene might dim the lights, activate the TV for viewing, adjust sound output, and lower motorized shades for an immersive experience. For those preferring a more traditional audio setup, we can install stereo or surround architectural speaker systems, complementing the frame TV and enhancing the overall media experience.


Transform your living space with the Sony picture frame TV, a fusion of art and technology brought to you by GHT Group in Atlanta. Our expertise ensures a sophisticated, seamlessly integrated home entertainment solution tailored to your style and preferences. Reach out to GHT Group to elevate your home with a system that's as visually captivating as it is technologically superior. Let us help you turn your entertainment vision into reality. Contact us here, or click the chat box below to connect quickly with one of our expert staff members. We look forward to working with you!