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How to Turn a Spare Room into the Ultimate Media Room

You Don’t Need a Ton of Space to Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment

How to Turn a Spare Room into the Ultimate Media Room

Unused rooms in your home offer a world of potential. Recent retirees may have an office they no longer need, or empty nesters may want new ways to transform their kids’ rooms. Fitness rooms, library rooms, and libraries are some of the more popular choices. Recently, we’ve also seen a lot of clients reach out to see if these spare rooms in their Vinings-area homes are big enough for a successful media room design.

Entertainment spaces used to require a lot of equipment that could easily overwhelm a small room. Over the past few years, however, technology advances have made it so you can create the ideal viewing and listening environment almost anywhere. From motorized shades that reduce glare to speakers that stay hidden from view, we outline some of our favorite features below.

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Hidden Televisions

Televisions are often the hardest to fit into a small space without sacrificing quality. You need the TV in a central spot for overall viewing quality, and you don’t want the display to be too small to enjoy your favorite content. Luckily, there are a few camouflage options available to help the television blend in with your décor.

Go with Séura 4K TVs that double as stylish mirrors when they’re not in use or hide your television within dedicated media cabinets. Or select a QLED 4K TV from Samsung, which features a built-in ambient mode that displays a piece of artwork when you’re not watching.  

Short-Throw Projectors

Usually, people are wary of projectors in small areas since traditional ones work better in larger rooms. Now there are 4K Ultra HD short throw projectors from Sony that provide dynamic images from just a few feet from the screen. You can discreetly place them, as well, so that they don’t take up too much space.

Not only does this reduce the room size needed for a projector, but you also can use retractable screens to keep displays hidden from view. The screen can drop down from a niche in the ceiling whenever you’re ready to watch.

Architectural Speakers

Having a high-performance surround sound system in a small space can be difficult using traditional speakers. Even smaller 5.1 configurations quickly overpower the room. One way to free up space without sacrificing quality is to go with architectural speakers.

Revamp your décor with speakers installed within your ceilings and walls. Dolby Atmos surround sound layouts, which require overhead speakers, are possible as well without any effect on the room’s décor.

Acoustic Treatments

Getting high-performance sound can sometimes be difficult in smaller rooms where audio signals are more prone to bounce around. One way to improve your sound quality is to add acoustic treatments as part of your media room design.

During your installation, your team of A/V experts can spot the problem areas where treatments might be needed. For smaller rooms, the Wallscapes from Acoustic Innovations are a great solution. Sleek and stylish, they’ll optimize sound quality without getting in the way.

Motorized Shades

One final challenge of transforming spare rooms into media rooms is lighting. Regularly, we encounter rooms with large windows that produce terrible glare. Motorized shades from Lutron help you remove ambient light so you can enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and sports at any time.

Enjoy a variety of control options that make it easy to lower shades when needed. Do you experience the worst glare at a particular time? Schedule them to close automatically at a given hour. Make changes from a remote, keypad, or mobile app. Add them to smart scenes, so as soon as you start a movie the shades close, lights dim, and the display turns on.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of your spare rooms and create the ultimate viewing experience in your Vinings-area home. Our expert technicians can come up with a unique media room design that fits in perfectly with your interior décor and space limitations.

To get started, reach us by calling (770) 955-8909, contacting us here, or chatting with us on the bottom right corner of your screen.

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