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Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater With Sony Technology

Sony’s VPL-VW295ES Ushers In Affordable, High-Performance 4K Projection

Upgrade Your Custom Home Theater With Sony Technology

Why do you love your home cinema? Is it the luxury of having a huge screen at home, or the lack of sticky floors and overpriced concessions? Most likely you would rank both of those benefits highly. There’s nothing like being able to settle in to watch a movie or a show in your very own space with incredible sight and sound, with all the comforts of home.

If you already have a custom home theater, you may be lacking one thing. You might have a 1080P HD projector, but you’d really like to upgrade to 4K to take advantage of the new 4K streaming shows on Netflix and Ultra HD Blu-ray movies, with their much higher contrast and detail. Perhaps you have also been wondering why 4K flat-panel TVs are now very affordable, but 4K projectors prices have stayed in the stratosphere. The answer to the pricing is that projectors don’t sell in nearly the same volumes as TVs, so the cost curve of new technology diminishes more slowly for projectors.

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a 4K projector to complete your theater, or you were waiting for an affordable 4K model to build a new one, we have good news for you. As a longtime Sony Diamond dealer, we partner with Sony for projectors because of their leadership in projection technology. In 2003, they were the first to introduce a full HD projector for home use. In 2011, they launched the first 4K projector for home use. And now, with the VPL-VW295ES, they are introducing a truly affordable 4K home theater projector that doesn’t skimp on features or performance.

Read on to learn more about the VPL-VW295ES to see if it’s the right fit for the custom home theater in your Vinings residence.

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Features and Technology

Sony’s VPL-VW295ES is a true 4K projector. Other projectors have approximated the higher resolution by using current 1080P HD LCDs and some clever “pixel shifting” technology to give the appearance of higher resolution. While they do a good job with today’s 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, they are not true 4K, and the difference is visible when you have high-quality material such as an Ultra HD Blu-ray movie disc.

The VPL-VW295ES features a motorized zoom lens that can easily adjust the size of your screen—up to 300 inches! With 1500 Lumens of brightness, it can handle the latest high-contrast HDR content. Sony’s SXRD technology, which is also used on their acclaimed TVs, offers the levels of deep black and contrast that you want for film content. 4K Motionflow video processing enables the projector to keep up with the fast action in sports programming, and it also has a theater mode with 24 frames per second to match the way films are produced.

This Sony projector is ready for the latest content with two HDCP 2.2 inputs capable of fast 18GBPS bandwidth and handling 4K 60hz video that is suitable for gaming and other computer content. As an added plus, it is compatible with IMAX enhanced content, which creates an even more immersive video experiences. Finally, an RS-232 interface makes it easy to integrate into your theater automation system.


Even if you’re viewing standard HD content, the upscaling on the projector will render sharper 3D-like images. With 4K HDR content, you will enjoy the type of picture that rivals and even supersedes what you see at your local cineplex. Perhaps the best part of all this performance is the price: at $5000, you cannot duplicate the screen size of this projector for anything remotely close to it.


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