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Manage Your Rosemary Beach Home from Anywhere with Control4

Control4’s 4Sight Home Automation Service Puts Your Smart Home in the Palm of Your Hand

Manage Your Rosemary Beach Home from Anywhere with Control4

Whether your home in Rosemary Beach is for vacations and relaxation or a full-time Florida residence, you always feel safer when you can keep tabs on what’s going on at home. One of the most appealing things about smart home technology is that you can do just that! 

Control4 is a powerful and flexible smart home control system that ties together all your intelligent devices and functions into a cohesive team that works together for you. And one of their most valuable and beneficial home automation services is 4Sight, which gives you extraordinary control and personalization of your smart home experience. Read on to see how Control4 makes it easy to keep tabs on and manage your smart home from anywhere – with an internet connection, that is!

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Remote Front Door Control

You’re not always at home to receive a package or let in an important service call. With Control4’s 4Sight service, you can do it from anywhere on a smartphone. See the video and screen a visitor remotely with the app and the Control4 Chime video doorbell. With remote control of your garage door, have your package safely placed in the garage and close the door when done. Or, let in a service call through the garage for an important repair. 4Sight also lets you see your security camera feeds, so you know what's going on inside and around your house. 

Be in the Know

Control4 4Sight lets you choose what and when to be notified of an occurrence at home. For example, you can get the status of unlocked doors so you can take action or get immediate notice if a water sensor detects a leak in your laundry room. Maybe you want to know when the housekeeper has left for the day. Your system can tell you. 

When>>Then Personalization

Control4 When>>Then puts the power of programming and customizing your smart home in the palm of your hand, no coding skills required. You can set a schedule to turn on your outdoor lights at a certain time. Set your thermostats to away settings while you’re gone, or change automation sequences for lights, climate, motorized shades, and more with your laptop from anywhere. Set up different notifications from sensors or security cameras while away so you always know what’s happening at home. 

Voice Control

Voice control lets you manage your home with just your voice. Better yet, you can set up your own voice command sequences with When>>Then automation. One command can set in motion lights, shading, climate control, and more while you’re away. When you’re returning, create a welcome scene that you can activate by saying, "I'm coming home." Your home environment can be tailored exactly to your preferences by the time you arrive.


Get the convenience of Control4 home automation services for your Rosemary Beach home. Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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