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How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience

Advanced Home Automation Made Simple

How a Crestron System Reimagines Your Home Experience

In this day and age of Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and many home automation devices, Crestron is a name you may not know. Yet before the internet or even high technology was a common term, Crestron was pioneering automation in both businesses and homes. Crestron was (and still is) a top choice in orchestrating automation in the largest residences and the most complex boardrooms across the country and the world.

Sometimes, with great power and flexibility comes a higher level of complexity. Crestron systems could do almost anything, but they required a high skill level to configure, program, and install. Crestron took the power inherent in the system and added a simplified layer that made it easier for integrators to deploy, and more importantly, far easier for homeowners to use and personalize. The result is Crestron Home, a powerful home automation system that offers sophisticated control with supreme usability for your Santa Rosa Beach, FL home. Read on below to discover more about Crestron Home.

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A Fresh User Experience

Smartphone apps highly influence the design of most touch screen interfaces. With the Home OS 3 system, Crestron took all the best features of today's intuitive applications with improved visuals, icons, navigation, and personalization. Critically, the interface works the same on a dedicated Crestron touchscreen or the convenient smartphone app, so interacting with the smart features in your home like lighting, motorized window treatments, and AV systems is instantly intuitive no matter what device you reach for. You can check the status of devices at a glance, control your smart home by room, and easily start automated sequences with a touch.

Enhanced, Easier Personalization

Previous Crestron systems might require custom programming to change automation. Crestron Home allows for sophisticated personalization with no programming skills. You can use your own room picture for at-a-glance knowledge of what room you want to control, save favorites and quick actions for easy navigation, and even modify scenes where you can record automations and save them for easy repetition. Crestron even added multiple property management, too, so you can monitor and control your main home and vacation home from wherever you may be.

A Complete Automation Solution

Crestron has always been known for complete home automation solutions. They offer their own motorized shading, lighting control, climate, AV systems, and other solutions that work seamlessly with each other. However, Crestron also recognizes that some homeowners may want integration with non-Crestron solutions. They have made it much easier to add control of solutions like Sonos audio, Lutron lighting control, smart locks from leading vendors, voice automation through Amazon Alexa,, and more. And Crestron Home has continued to add new features and integration every year.


Take your home automation to the next level with a Crestron system. Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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