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A Quick Look at the Top 3 Features of Crestron Home Automation

If These Speak to You, a Crestron System Might Be in Your Future

A Quick Look at the Top 3 Features of Crestron Home Automation

To paraphrase a common refrain on airline flights, "we know you have many choices in home automation systems, and we're glad you chose us." True, there are many choices in smart home automation. There is an almost bewildering array of options in consumer automation devices and platforms, tied together by software and devices from Google, Amazon, Apple, and Samsung.

But when it comes to managing larger, more sophisticated homes, the choices narrow down further and quickly. Sure, you can use parts of excellent consumer products like Google's Nest ecosystem to manage some functions of your home. You can run your own email server at home, too. But few people operate their own email servers because they have to be quite technically savvy to keep them running correctly. And while consumer home automation is far more accessible, the more you do with it, the more complicated it gets. And there are some things that these systems won't do without a great deal of advanced hacking.

There is a more straightforward way. You can call GHT Group to design and build a customized home automation solution that works exactly the way you want in your Johns Creek, GA home, with no tech support required from you. And if your property is quite large and there are many things to manage – we would likely recommend a Crestron solution, as there are few limits as to what it can do. Read on to learn more about three ways Crestron systems are a different breed of automation solution.

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Audio-Video Distribution

Crestron excels at making highly scalable systems for audio and video distribution. Why might you want this? If you are building a 10,000 square foot home and 1,500 square foot guest house, you might have as many as 15 TVs spread throughout the house and your patios, and you might want an easy way to have a consistent interface to what you want to watch and listen to all over your property. That's where a Crestron whole-home system might come in. It can route crisp 4K video to every display, high-resolution audio to every speaker, and consolidate a vast array of audio and video devices in a central location. It frees your rooms and spaces of equipment clutter and replaces it with a simple, intuitive interface via remotes or tablets that give you quick access to all your media.

Want multiple video feeds on the same screen? You can do that. Do you need just the audio from a broadcast in a particular room or location? You can do that, too. The system can be scaled up to meet the AV needs of a whole compound if needed. Based on Crestron’s decades of experience in commercial automation, you’d be hard-pressed to find a whole-home media system that does more.

High Style

Crestron systems go into highly customized homes. The company recognizes that sophisticated homeowners also want technology with style. Crestron's Horizon keypads are a perfect example of their bespoke approach to control and automation. They are available in rich wood, marble, and leather materials to complement décor and can be custom matched to actual colors and finishes in the home. The keypads are powerful interfaces into a home's automation, able to program one button that can set an entire scene with lights, window treatments, audio and video, temperature, and more. The keypads look like a tailor-made piece of your home, rather than a tacked-on piece of technology. 

Custom Interfaces and Programming

Many home automation systems have set interfaces and navigation. In many cases, those work for the majority of installations. But some people have particular requests and needs. Maybe the screen and button layout need to be in a specific way. Perhaps the system requires very sophisticated, highly conditional automation sequences to happen with just one button press. Crestron excels in those environments, as their platform allows for custom programming that has few limits. If your vision exceeds what you’ve seen in other automation systems, Crestron might be the one for you.


GHT Group has been working with the top solutions in home technology for over 30 years. Whether a Crestron or other home automation solution is right for you, we can do it from design to installation and after-sale support. Visit our Marietta showroom, call us at (770) 955-8909, or click the button below to connect with us right away. We look forward to showing you all the best options.

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