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A Lighting Control System That Transforms Your Living Space

Unleash the Artist Within with Dynamic Full-Spectrum Lighting

A Lighting Control System That Transforms Your Living Space

It’s easy to take our lights for granted. We wake in the morning, flip a switch, and expect the lights to brighten our space. Then, we set out on our daily routine not always considering which lights should remain on to best accomplish our tasks. 

With a whole-home lighting control system that utilizes the best lighting solutions today’s market has to offer, you will no longer undervalue or disregard the power of lights. Your home’s illumination in WaterColor, FL will be transformed, from the soft or bright white lighting of your typical incandescent bulb to the full spectrum, color-tunable lighting of smart LEDs. 

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Illuminating Space

At GHT Group, we’re passionate about creating beautiful spaces that make day-to-day living easier and more enjoyable. To accomplish this, we partner with best-in-class brands in the home automation sector, such as Lutron.

Most fluorescent and LED light sources produce one color temperature. You turn the lights on, and that's it. With dimmable incandescent lighting, you may perceive a slightly warmer white as it dims, but that’s the extent of your home’s lighting design. 

Lutron’s Ketra lighting line offers dynamic full-spectrum lighting. That means that every color found in the rainbow is at your disposal. From apple red to African violet and every shade in between, homeowners now have over 17 million different color temperatures to choose from. 

If you're wondering what you could possibly do with all those colors, it’s time to release your inner interior decorator or artist and let the fun begin.

Setting the Mood

Just like a painter and their palette, a homeowner can play with the colors of the visible light spectrum in every area of their home. You may enjoy a warm candlelight glow during dinner and then head to the family room, where the lights have washed the space in the tranquil shades of azure blue and lilac. When entertaining, you might consider surprising your guests with a different shade of lighting in every room—artic blue in the bathroom, sunrise red in the den, and a moonlight glow in the patio. 

Eventually, you’ll come up with colors you enjoy for varying activities. Then, we’ll set the stage by programming the lighting and home automation in one easy-to-use interface. Simply tap the “Entertainment” tab on your touchscreen, tablet, keypad, or remote, and watch as your home transforms. 

The lighting settles into your chosen hues. The sheer shades lower, allowing guests to enjoy the landscape lighting in its many colors while maintaining a sense of privacy. Your favorite entertainment playlist fills the home, and the outdoor gas firepit ignites. These are just a few of the many possibilities with the combined power of knowledgeable programmers and the best home automation products on the market. 

Natural Lighting

Sunshine, moonbeams, and a fire’s flames are all forms of natural light. Until Ketra, indoor lighting was unable to mimic the captivating qualities this type of lighting offers. Today, no lighting more closely mimics natural sunlight than Lutron's Ketra line. 

Ketra’s natural light solution changes color temperature and intensity throughout the day. You wake to the soft, golden hues of daybreak and watch your lighting transform throughout the day. Midday, your lights will take on a bluish tone that supports focused concentration. By day’s end, a warm, soft red glow readies you to relax. 


At GHT Group, our primary goal is to elevate our client’s lifestyles with easy-to-use technology that transforms their living space, making it more manageable and beautiful. When lighting control and home automation are combined, homes become works of art that define ease of living. To learn about the most advanced residential lighting solution on the market today, or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact GHT Group today.