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4 Things You Might Not Know About Whole Home Lighting Control Systems

It’s Wise to Go Whole Home with Lighting Control

4 Things You Might Not Know About Whole Home Lighting Control Systems

Smart lighting control is one of the first things homeowners look for with home automation. The reasons make sense – lighting control is convenient and can save energy effortlessly. However, some might think that lighting control might be good for just one area – like a central living area or outside lighting.

Just as in smart home automation, we think when you make all your lighting smart, the benefits of the whole are greater than the sum of the parts. Let’s take a closer look at a few things you might not have realized about whole-home lighting control systems. Please keep reading below!

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It’s Easy to Retrofit

You will not need to rewire your entire house to install lighting control. Systems like Lutron’s Radio Ra2 are designed for retrofit installations. Minimal electrical rework is required, and the system’s keypads operate with a wireless rock-solid radio frequency control that responds instantly. You can replace current switches with elegant multifunctional keypads, and the keypads add sophisticated control of lighting loads by communicating with each other wirelessly.

Smarter Efficiency

If your family forgets to turn off lights often, you will love occupancy sensors that do the job of turning off lights for you. Bathroom lights, garage lights, closets, and other areas where lights are often left on can switch off when the sensors detect no movement for a period of time. It's easy to go green with whole-home lighting control.

Enhanced Security

Most people tend to leave some lights on when they leave for several hours for security reasons. With lighting control, you can not only leave lights on for security but do it very intelligently and efficiently. Whole-home lighting control can provide the illusion of occupancy by turning lights on and off in a pattern similar to your everyday usage. You can program your outside lights too for additional safety and ensure that they’re off during the day when they make no sense. And there’s more. Lighting control can team with smart home automation systems to combine lighting with alarms, security cameras, motion sensors, and audio systems, creating a robust system for scaring away potential intruders.

See Your Home in a Different Light

Lighting control throughout a home lets you customize lighting for many things. Even if your home has excellent quality lighting, manually dimming everything to create just the right scene is tedious. With lighting control, one button can set a scene for a room or the entire house – inside and out. This convenience can bring out the beauty in your home. Set the perfect dimmed and soft light for watching a movie with the family. Light up the kitchen for cooking. Enjoy your artwork with a scene that dims other lights and highlights it. And if you install tunable lighting, you can add even more character with lighting color and hue and add the healthful benefits of more natural light throughout the day.


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