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Update and Elevate Your Home’s Lighting System with Ketra

Discover Ways Ketra Lighting Adds Convenience, Luxury, and Wellness into Your Life

Update and Elevate Your Home’s Lighting System with Ketra

Lighting is a crucial element in designing your ideal home environment. You probably have lights all around your home, but how customized are they? Do they add convenience to your day-to-day routine and allow you to create ambiances with the touch of a button?

Installing a Ketra tunable lighting system in your Alpharetta, GA, home can give you all the above benefits and more. Here are three ways Ketra lighting can help you achieve the perfect lighting.

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Bring Natural Light Indoors

Have you ever been disappointed that the lighting in your home is too harsh or artificial? Ketra creates natural light solutions that combat this problem. Embrace the highest-quality light that mimics the changing intensity and color temperature of daylight so that you can enjoy it indoors. Ketra light sources produce color-tuned lighting such as white, pastels, and saturated colors, which adds infinite possibilities to your interior and exterior lighting and also keeps your lights in tune with your body’s internal rhythms that adjust alongside the sun’s changing light.

This allows homeowners to bring human-centric lighting control to their homes, which aids in our physical and mental wellbeing by simulating the dynamic changes of natural sunlight. If you want soft, warm sunlight to help you gently wake up in the morning, simply set an automated scene to have Ketra lights do this for you. You can program bright, cool lights in your home office to keep you energized during the day, or a dim, orange glow right around sunset in your dining area for comforting family dinners.

Immerse Yourself in Your Theater Room’s Lighting

Ketra’s lighting capabilities can extend to your home theater, too. You can install Ketra lighting that offers warm dimming and color tuning to give you an immersive media experience that makes you feel like you’re right at the movies. 

Before the film starts, you can enjoy decorative strip lights of any color that line walls and illuminate your furniture while you hang out in your home theater and relax on your plush seating. When it’s movie time, the decorative lighting can turn off, and the ambient light can transition to dim, reddish glow — helping you achieve optimal viewing as you bask in the cinematic atmosphere. 

Control and Customize Lighting Through Smart Home Automation

Ketra lighting in your home not only provides unique illumination; it also allows for smart function and control. Lutron, an industry leader in lighting control, can control Ketra lighting through whole-home automation solutions. You can use Lutron to manage and customize your Ketra lights. Program day and night scenes and set a schedule — like having your lights automatically turn on when you’re arriving home or off when it’s time for bed. 

It’s possible to have tailored lighting in every area of your home and control it all with the tap of a button from a single device like a smartphone or keypad instead of multiple remotes and switches. Voice commands are an option as well through smart home automation. 

Ketra’s lighting and Lutron’s smart home system can give you luxury, convenience, and enhanced wellness. GHT Group can help you transform your Atlanta-area home with Ketra and Lutron solutions. We collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers, and general contractors to find the best lighting solutions for our customers. Reach out to us through our online contact form or schedule a future visit to our Marietta showroom! We can’t wait to help you with your next lighting project.

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