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3 Features of Control4 Automation You Might Not Know

Learn How Smart Your Home Can Be

3 Features of Control4 Automation You Might Not Know

We’ve dedicated a lot of virtual ink on these pages to the wonders of home automation. From audio and video systems that almost run themselves, to lighting, motorized shading, climate control, and security, home automation systems like Control4 make everything in your Johns Creek, GA home run like a finely tuned machine. We may also have referred to it as an orchestra, but we think you understand the idea.

Having done many smart home projects over the years, we're always amazed at our clients' imagination when it comes to automation for their homes. If it is technically possible, we'll strive to make our clients’ automation dreams a reality.

With that in mind, we'd like to tell you about a few more things you can automate with a Control4 smart home system. Keep reading!

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Heating and Cooling, Retro Style

We’ve talked many times before about integrating smart thermostat control with lighting and motorized shading for both customized comfort and energy efficiency. But what about old-school cooling and heating? Ceiling fans have always been a great way to augment cooling in summer and circulate warm air in winter. Control4’s OS 3 system has some nifty ways of integrating them into your smart home. A click on the ceiling fan icon can run the fan at your favorite speed until you shut it off, or you can simply click on the button again for a preset timer. It's a perfect way to cool your bedroom for bedtime, but you can shut it off if you don't like a breeze all night. Of course, the ceiling fan can also be activated by any other automation you have set up for lights, climate control, and more.

While we no longer rely on fireplaces for heat, there's no denying the ambiance they provide on a chilly winter night. Your electronically controlled gas fireplace can work just like the fan. Turn it on with a tap, and a couple more will set the timer to ensure it's not inadvertently left on. If you want not to lift a finger, a voice command to Alexa could do the same trick.

Stay Secure

Say you’re settled in for a movie or a few episodes of your favorite Netflix series. You don't remember if the doors are locked, but you don't want to get up. The solution is simple. Your smart lock equipped home can be secured with a tap on a remote. Control4's intuitive Neeo AV remote can bring up the control to your door locks on both the TV screen or the touch screen. A tap on the lock icon can secure your doors, so you don't have to interrupt the entertainment.

Stay Current with the Seasons

If you've got a little flexibility with your schedule, perhaps you like to wake up to the light and not darkness. Daylight savings time can wreak havoc on that if your waking time is fixed year-round. An excellent way to wake up is with a gentle lamp light gradually brightening, a spirited musical playlist, and your motorized window treatments rising to reveal more of the day’s light. With Control4, you can fine-tune your waking routine to ensure you get up with light. Your systems can adjust the wake time and the automation based on the time of the year, changing by the date and time. It works quite well for any other automation, like your outside lighting, too.

These are just a few examples of unique things you can do with Control4 smart automation. To learn more, contact us here, visit our showroom, or use the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home automation experts. We look forward to working with you!

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