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Why You Should Add a Séura Smart Mirror to Your Bathroom

Invigorate Your Morning Routine with This Innovative Smart Home Device

Why You Should Add a Séura Smart Mirror to Your Bathroom

Note: This blog was first written about two years ago, but that doesn’t mean that our messaging is outdated! Quite the opposite: The popularity of the technology we will discuss today has been steadily growing as more people extend the “smart” rooms of their homes. That includes kitchens, garages and bathrooms, which have gone too long untouched by cool tech devices.

Now that people have expanded their concept of which rooms can be “smart,” we’ve seen bathrooms transform into integrated spaces that rival spas in their relaxation qualities, with in-ceiling music, voice-controlled HVAC and even smart toilets. Your bathroom hosts your morning alone time where you might try to squeeze in getting ready with listening to music, checking weather or following the news. A smart mirror addition, like the one we discuss today from Séura, will help you accomplish it all at once and make the most of your morning routine!

Shake Up Your Social Distancing Experience With an Outdoor TV

Expand Your Entertainment with An Outdoor TV Installation

Shake Up Your Social Distancing Experience With an Outdoor TV

Note: Back in summer of 2018, we wrote a blog post about outdoor TVs and why Georgians love them for the long summer nights approaching. We’d argue that you’d appreciate having an outdoor TV even more now, since you’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time inside these days, often with family around 24/7.

Take a break from your bunkered up lifestyle by escaping outside for some alone time. When you’re done recuperating, invite the family out for a movie night under the stars. There’s also nothing stopping you from enjoying exercise videos, music videos and video games outside, either. As you can see, your entertainment possibilities are endless: It all starts with a high-quality, weatherproof display.

No matter your mood or style, outdoor audio and video is key to mixing up your entertainment options now and making your home a more valuable investment that you continue to enjoy, well after this pandemic. And it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we have suggestions regarding our favorite brands and models. Keep reading to see which outdoor TVs we have in store for you!

Why Audio Enthusiasts Still Choose Anthem Receivers

If You Value Audio Quality Above All, Anthem Should Be at the Top of Your List

Why Audio Enthusiasts Still Choose Anthem Receivers

Note: We originally drafted this post last year, and we’ve seen an array of amplifiers enter the market. However, the Anthem receivers that we will discuss today still hold up as an outstanding product. In this blog, we’ll highlight some of the state-of-the-art engineering features, such as the highly regarded Anthem Room Correction (ARC) which not only garners industry raves but also ensures that it delights even the most selective audiophiles.

With the global pandemic happening and all the anxiety that comes with it, now’s the perfect time for some healthy escapism, and few technologies can accomplish that as well as masterfully designed audio. We admit it: Speakers are probably the most fun aspect of your sonic setup, but don’t ignore your amplifier! We’ll look at why that’s important here as well as why we choose Anthem’s time after time.

Are You Planning an Outdoor TV Installation This Spring?

Get to Know Séura and SunBriteTV, Two Leading Outdoor TV Brands

Are You Planning an Outdoor TV Installation This Spring?

Spring is almost here, and we're ready to be outside. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies will lure us outside. But March Madness is just around the corner too, and the NBA playoffs and our beloved Braves will soon follow, as well. We do want to spend time outdoors, but there are some important things we want to watch too.

Fear not, we have a solution. An outdoor TV installation can help you enjoy all the sports and shows you don’t want to miss, and you can do it all in the fresh outside air – even in the sun on your Roswell patio if you like. You might ask if a standard indoor TV can be placed outdoors. The answer is yes, but they're not designed to do so. First, the screens may not be designed for outdoor lighting levels. Second, swings in temperature and humidity might affect their performance, or cause them not to work at all. Finally, those pesky bugs have a way of finding their way into regular TVs and creating problems.

We at GHT Group believe indoor TVs should stay indoors. There are outdoor TVs – just like outdoor speakers – that are designed to provide years of service outside. We work with two of the best outdoor TV manufacturers - SunBriteTV and Séura – and each has the weatherproofing and screen designs to perform brilliantly outdoors.

Ready to learn more? Read on to see what outdoor TV fits your style.