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You Might Be Surprised at the Breadth of Lutron Window Treatments

Exploring the Lutron Difference in Custom Powered Window Treatments

You Might Be Surprised at the Breadth of Lutron Window Treatments

In the 1960s classic The Graduate, a young, recently minted college graduate and unemployed Dustin Hoffman were given some career advice by a family friend. “I have just one word to say to you, just one word. Are you listening? Plastics.” No, this blog isn’t about plastics. But if you are thinking about custom window treatments for your Smyrna, GA home, we do have one word for you: motorized.

We’ve spent quite a bit of time on these pages extolling the virtues of motorized shades and window treatments. And if you are considering new custom treatments, there is no better choice than Lutron. Explore several reasons below why Lutron should be on the top of your list for custom motorized window treatments.

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A Complete Solution

Lutron’s company mission is all about managing and controlling light, both natural and artificial. Motorized window treatments are an integral part of that mission. For over 20 years, they have been the industry leader in precision-controlled automated window treatments. They engineer every aspect of the solution – drives, controls, power supplies, and hardware – to ensure a superior customer experience. Like Apple, they build their own ecosystem, yet they also offer many ways to integrate with other smart home solutions like security, automation, lighting, and HVAC. 

Breadth and Depth

Lutron doesn’t just do shades. There are eight different styles of window treatments, including powered blinds, drapery tracks, and the innovative Kirbé vertical drape system. Lutron can even do angled windows and skylights, so there’s almost no window they can’t handle. With wired and wireless solutions and powerful motors that are the envy of the industry in precision and quietness, Lutron can handle large windows and treatments. Even interior designers that routinely pore over books of countless materials are impressed with Lutron’s breadth of 1500 materials and fabric choices.  


Aside from the materials and fabrics, Lutron's attention to detail ranges from the way window treatments fit in window frames to elegant controls. Have a bay window or a curved wall? Lutron drapery tracks can be customized for a seamless fit. Lutron’s contemporary Palladiom shade series has a variety of brackets for mounting above a window or within the frame to get the custom look you want to achieve. 

Style doesn’t stop at the window treatments. Lutron shading (and lighting) controls are an upgrade to a home’s décor. In particular, the modern Palladiom line and the new Alisse keypads bring a new level of customization, colors, and materials that not only blend with a home's design but also enhance it. 

Flexible, Effortless Control

Lutron powered window treatments offer a plethora of control options. The elegant keypads are backlit and programmable to raise, lower, open, and close your treatments the way you want, with manual and one-touch preset control. Using the Lutron app and Bridge, you can add control from your smartphone or tablet, at home or away. Because of Lutron’s integration work, you can also use Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Siri to control your shades by voice and through those home automation platforms. And for full-blown smart home automation, Lutron also integrates with leading systems like Control4.


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