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Why Install Lutron Lighting Control in Your Residential Projects?

Because Smart Lighting is Smart for Your Business

Why Install Lutron Lighting Control in Your Residential Projects?

According to recent data from the National Association of Home Builders, 7-12% of the budget for home remodeling projects go toward electronics. Whether you’re doing a major remodel or a new build for your client, it’s no secret that smart home control and automation are high on homebuyer lists.

One of the most frequently requested smart home features is lighting control. Perhaps there is little surprise to that; lighting control is a feature whose merits are easy to grasp. It adds convenience for managing lighting throughout the house, can save energy, and can be an effective security feature as well.

So when you are building, moving walls, replacing cabinets, plumbing, and redoing electrical wiring, that is the perfect opportunity to integrate the infrastructure for lighting control. When it comes to lighting control, Georgia Home Theater recommends Lutron lighting control for your Dunwoody projects.

Read further to learn why adding Lutron lighting control is a smart business decision.

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A Lighting Pioneer

Lutron invented the first solid-state dimmer in the 1950s. Today the company makes lighting control solutions from DIY level components to large-scale commercial solutions that span buildings and entire campuses. One example of the company’s prowess is the lighting control system found in the iconic New York Times building, truly a showcase of Lutron’s scalable and flexible technology.

The company has also expanded its offerings into other areas related to lighting and environmental control. Georgia Home Theater works with Lutron for motorized shading, which works in tandem with lighting solutions to manage all aspects of light - both natural and artificial - in homes and commercial environments.

Complete Solutions

Lutron lighting control systems are engineered to be complete solutions. When off-the-shelf technology doesn’t meet their standards, Lutron invents their own. One example is the company’s Clear Connect Wireless radio frequency technology, which is interference-free and not dependent on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other network protocols. With Lutron controls, your clients know their lights will turn on and dim precisely – with no annoying delays. Lutron makes a variety of keypads, switches, and sensors that can help you build a customized lighting plan for each of your clients.

Design Options

Lutron's wide array of controls and reliable wireless technology make it easy to tailor a home’s lighting. Stylish controls like the wall-mounted GRAFIK dimmer and switch can be installed anywhere that it's convenient. Lutron keypads can be backlit and custom etched, offering high visibility. A wide array of colors and finishes makes the controls easy to integrate with any décor.

Unsurpassed Integration

Lutron lighting control plays well with other systems. It can be integrated with a comprehensive smart home system like Control4, and also can be voice-controlled via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Imagine the wow factor when your client can control a complete lighting scene - like "I'm Home" - with a single voice command. Won't that help sell your next project?


Let Georgia Home Theater be your integration partner for Lutron lighting control and smart home technology solutions for your projects. Visit our showrooms, reach out to us at (770) 955-8909, fill out our online contact form, or chat with us on the bottom right to connect with us quickly. We look forward to working with you.

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