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Three Things You Might Not Know about Crestron Home Automation

The Oldest Name in Home Automation Keeps Getting New Wrinkles

Three Things You Might Not Know about Crestron Home Automation

Crestron is a pioneer in home and commercial automation, with a history dating back to 1971. Some companies tend to rest on their laurels when they've done well for a long time, but not Crestron.

Many competitors to Crestron have sprung up in the home automation space, both with professionally installed systems and DIY consumer automation devices. Yet, the company has stayed true to its roots to deliver meticulously engineered, sophisticated home automation solutions that scale up to the needs of the most complex homes.

How is Crestron continuing to stay ahead in home automation? Let’s look at three reasons you might want to choose Crestron for your Marietta, GA smart home. 

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Improved Integration

Crestron has always offered a full range of automation solutions, with offerings for motorized shades, climate control, audio-video, lighting, and more. Much like Apple, they offered tightly integrated systems that worked reliably and offered more customization features than most.

Lately, Crestron has been opening up its integration capabilities with out-of-the-box solutions that work with other proven platforms. One of those is Lutron, a world leader in lighting control. Crestron’s recently introduced Home system now works seamlessly with Lutron lighting control. If you already have Lutron, the Crestron system can detect Lutron lighting and shading products and integrate them into the Crestron home scenes and automation. GHT Group is a big proponent of Lutron lighting and powered shading solutions, so this is a huge step forward. 

Secure Backup

What if your home automation system glitched from a power outage or some other unforeseen event? While Crestron home systems are extremely reliable, nothing is foolproof. The good news is that your home – no matter how sophisticated the automation and customization – can be quickly and securely backed up to the myCrestron cloud service. If anything happens to the system, it can be restored with little effort, much like an iCloud backup of your iPhone.  This same system also allows integrators like GHT Group to monitor your system and ensure it and all your smart features are operating trouble-free.

A No-Fuss Warranty

Recently, Crestron upgraded their warranty service. It's straightforward. In the unlikely event that a piece of hardware is malfunctioning, one phone call to support will get a new one shipped out in three business days. No hassles and no waiting. If some Crestron component that we install is not working correctly, it will be rectified quickly, so your smart home can continue to operate smoothly.

Let GHT Group show you how to reimagine your home with the power of Crestron automation. To learn more, call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or click the button below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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