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Selling a Home? Stage it with Smart Home Technology

Nothing Makes a Home More Up to Date than Smart Tech Features

Selling a Home? Stage it with Smart Home Technology

If you're selling your home in Alpharetta, you might be faced with some expenses for either bringing deferred maintenance up to date or needing to update some items to make your property look fresh. It might be refinishing wood flooring, replacing carpeting, painting inside or out, or renewing bathroom and kitchen faucets. Depending on the age of the house and the competition, it might even be more extensive than that.

Most recent surveys show that prospective homebuyers are increasingly looking for smart home features in homes. And in new construction, builders have increasingly responded by prewiring homes for smart lighting, whole-home audio and other popular features.

If the prospect of modernizing your home with smart technology seems daunting, GHT Group can make it easy. In business serving the metro Atlanta area for over 30 years, we are your go-to smart home company for home technology. Keep reading below for three ways to freshen your home with smart tech and add the wow factor to bring in offers fast!

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Smart Lighting

Lighting control is one of the most popular smart home features. Consider adding smart lighting to the most important rooms in the house, like the kitchen, family room, and other dining and living areas. Show it off by having preset scenes for cooking that lights the kitchen brightly, a softer setting for dining, and one that dims the lights across living areas for watching TV and relaxing in the evening.

Lutron's Caseta system is the entry-level solution for smart lighting. While it's meant for small to medium-sized homes, this system brings these essential control features to a set of rooms, and can also integrate well with other smart features.  Or, you can consider one of Control4's lower end controllers as a starting point for adding lighting control features, as well as other items like smart locks and thermostats. GHT Group can specify a cost-effective system that brings the best features, as well as others from Lutron and Control4 that your buyer can upgrade in the future should they wish to do more. 

Smart Thermostats

We know that many people have bought Nest smart thermostats just for the design alone, and don't even take advantage of some smart features! Smart thermostats are a great way to show your home is up to date, and it can also show that you care about energy conservation. Whether it's a Nest or one from Lutron or Control4, we can also integrate your thermostat with other smart home features like lighting and voice control. Your agent can say "Alexa, goodnight" and the lights will turn off or dim as desired, your outdoor entry lights go on for safety, and the house temperature will be set in each zone to optimize comfort and efficiency. Your agent might also appreciate another voice command that lets them turn off all the lights, set the temperature accordingly, and arm the security system when the showing is over!

Whole-Home Audio

Does your house have built-in speakers in some rooms? Do you have a system hooked up to them? Surprisingly, many homeowners with built-in speakers don’t use them because they might not have an up-to-date audio system that takes full advantage of them. Or they are saddled with older speakers and volume controls that don’t sound as good as today’s wireless speakers. We can fix that by updating your speakers (if necessary) using the existing wiring and installing a new whole-home audio solution. Various options provide excellent sound quality and access to a host of audio sources. When there's a showing, your agent can put on music that the prospective buyers like, and it will flow all over the house, creating an inviting atmosphere. And forget those old volume controls, we can install stylish modern keypads that control both audio and smart lighting, adding a contemporary flair. Or the system can be controlled through apps on your favorite smartphones and tablets.

Ready to freshen your home for sale with smart technology?  Contact us here, or click below to quickly connect with one of our home technology experts. We look forward to working with you!

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