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Is the Google Nest Smart Home Suite the Right Decision for You?

Let Us Help You Decide on Your Perfect Smart Home Ecosystem.

Is the Google Nest Smart Home Suite the Right Decision for You?

If you read any of our blogs, you know Georgia Home Theater represents a wide range of high-end home technology brands across audio, video, home automation, automated shading, lighting, and more. In smart home automation, we work with two top-tier solutions, Crestron and Control4. And on these pages, we’ve written extensively about why we think both are the most comprehensive systems available today for smart homes.

You may ask, where do Google Nest and their smart home ecosystem fit into what we do? First, many people love Nest thermostats and want them in their homes, both for their functionality and elegant design. They can be integrated well with a Control4 or Crestron system too.

But Google Nest ecosystem includes other smart home products, including smart cameras, video doorbells, and smart speakers. For some of our customers not looking for a full-blown home automation solution, these products are an excellent solution with a strong value proposition.

Here’s where Georgia Home Theater comes in. While the Google Nest product suite can be a DIY affair, not everyone likes to put all the pieces together or has the time to make it work correctly. In much the same way people have us to mount their TVs and set up AV control systems, as an expert smart home company we can also set up and integrate Google Nest products in your Roswell, GA home. We can ensure your Nest thermostat, smart cameras, and video doorbells work together to solve your home automation requirements.

Is Google Nest the right system for you? Keep reading to get to know more about these smart devices.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat was the original smart thermostat. It’s advanced, able to learn your living patterns and adjust your climate control accordingly, helping you save money and reducing your carbon footprint. Nest also has wireless temperature sensors to place in rooms to help you prioritize the temperature in a given space. As always, you can manually adjust the temperature at the thermostat, through the Google Assistant app, and with voice commands through Google Assistant or a Google Home-compatible smart speaker.

Nest Protect

We wager most have suffered through the ear-piercing shriek of the smoke alarm with a low battery at precisely the worst time. The Nest Protect is the epitome of the smart smoke alarm. In addition to detecting smoke from both smoldering and fast-burning fires, it detects carbon monoxide. The battery can last for nearly a decade and tests itself, so you don't have to; it also sends alerts intelligently, so you're not needlessly alarmed. It even functions as a nightlight in the middle of the night when you walk underneath.

Nest Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

The Nest Cam IQ indoor camera is one of the smartest around. It has sophisticated infrared night vision, can detect the motion differences between people or things, and can identify faces with Nest Aware. If it detects motion, it can automatically zoom in on the action. You can also hear what's going on with a triple microphone array, and the powerful speaker can startle an unwanted intruder when detected. The outdoor version features the same smarts and vision, but with a weatherproof IP66 rating and long-range Wi-Fi networking capability.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell

Video doorbells have exploded in popularity in the past two years alone. It only makes sense, who doesn’t want to see and hear who is at the door without answering it? Nest Hello features HD video quality, night, and a wide field of view. Importantly, it is capable of recording and streaming video 24/7, so you can check on your door at any time, and not only when it detects motion or sound. Thanks to Google’s advanced artificial intelligence, Nest Hello can even send you special alerts when it recognizes family and friends.

Putting it All Together

The beauty of the Nest ecosystem is its ability for all the products to work flawlessly together. For example, if the Nest Protect detects smoke, it can instruct the Nest Learning Thermostat to turn off the forced air system to keep smoke from spreading. At the same time, it can turn on a Nest camera so you can see what’s happening right on your smartphone, no matter where you are. If you subscribe to Nest Aware and someone rings your Hello doorbell, a recognized person can be announced by your Google Home app or the Google Home Hub.

As a certified Nest Pro installer, Georgia Home Theater is the company that can integrate any and all parts of the Google Nest smart home suite in your Roswell residence. To learn more, reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.


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