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Product Overview: Introducing the New Klipsch Cornwall IV

Hear the Latest Edition of this Classic at Atlanta’s Exclusive Klipsch Heritage Dealer

Product Overview: Introducing the New Klipsch Cornwall IV

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Speakers are not like automobiles or smartphones – a new model doesn’t emerge every year. With some exceptions in the realm of wireless and powered speakers, digital technology isn’t driving significant change as it does in cars and mobile devices.

When it comes to the high end of the speaker spectrum, change comes even more slowly. Most hi-fi speaker manufacturers have a house sound that is a result of unique design approaches to audio transducers. As a result, manufacturers prefer evolution rather than revolution, and it’s a reason that an investment in a quality speaker can last you for decades.

So it is with Klipsch and their Heritage line of speakers. Heritage speakers hew closely to Klipsch design traditions but are updated with evolution in speaker material, electronics, and design. The Klipschorn is an excellent example; it’s the only speaker that has been in continuous production for over 70 years.

This month, as Atlanta’s exclusive Klipsch Heritage dealer, we’re excited to tell you about a new edition of Klipsch speaker – the Cornwall IV. What’s new, or should we say, evolved? Read on below to find out. And after that, come to our Marietta showroom to hear it in person.

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The Klipsch Cornwall has a fascinating history, dating all the way back to 1959. The Cornwall’s predecessor was the Heresy, another Klipsch Heritage speaker still in production. Paul Klipsch designed the original Heresy to be a center channel for dual Klipschorns, which were – and still are – designed for corner placement. The Cornwall is the second attempt at such a design and may just have been the second commercially-produced center channel speaker in the world, at a time when home theater was not remotely a part of the popular imagination.

Why the name Cornwall? When the speaker was introduced at the New York Audio Fair in 1959, a sign said it could be used in a corner or against a wall. Belle Klipsch, wife of founder Paul Klipsch, dubbed it the “Corn-wall,” based on its placement options. We hope you’re not as disappointed as we were when we learned the name had nothing to do with corn.

Excuse our corny joke. In all seriousness, the design concept makes a three-way design with a tried and true tweeter and midrange and a vented cabinet to deliver high performance with low distortion. The design philosophy made it a versatile speaker when it was introduced, and the same practical philosophy carries through to this day. You might say this is a speaker that was well ahead of its time.

The Cornwall IV

As we mentioned, Klipsch Heritage is about evolution and not revolution. The <href="#product-specs">Cornwall IV takes the basic design approach and continues to improve upon it. It remains a three-way design using a direct-radiating 15-inch woofer to deliver low-end bass you can feel. Within the Heritage line, only the Klipschorn can provide more bass response. This midsize tower will not take up all the available space in your listening room, but it’s no lightweight at 100 pounds and it packs a punch.</href="#product-specs">

So, what’s new in the Cornwall IV? New mid-frequency drivers and midrange Tractrix horn deliver improved mids and highs for more clarity and detail, but also smoothness. A new port design makes the bass deeper, richer, and clearer as well. One of the things Klipsch has continued to refine in the past several years across all its lines is the ability to deliver the classic “live” Klipsch sound – at high volumes, without fatigue – which proves to be no small feat.

Like all Klipsch Heritage speakers, the Cornwall IV continues to be assembled by hand in Hope, Arkansas. On the outside, the speakers now feature a new Klipsch logo, a riser to give a floating appearance, and a premium metal input panel in the back for wire inputs. What didn’t change was the finish options featuring grain matched wood veneers in Black Ash, Natural Cherry, and American Walnut so every pair is a perfect match. A metal grille that manages to look both contemporary and classic completes the look.

As with any speaker, what ultimately matters is how the Cornwall IV sounds to you. We invite you to visit our Marietta showroom – we’re the only Klipsch Heritage dealer in Atlanta – where you can experience the new Cornwall IV. Reach out to us or click below to connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to seeing you.

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