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What Makes the Klipschorn Perfect for HiFi Stereo Systems?

Get to Know Klipsch’s Klipschorn Speaker: An Audio Classic Made for You

What Makes the Klipschorn Perfect for HiFi Stereo Systems?

Some pieces of HiFi gear are simply classics that stand the test of time. And when it comes to speakers, one of the great things about them is that while speaker technology has advanced, it also hasn’t. What do we mean by that?

While digital technology has revolutionized audio electronics, including components that were once purely analog like amplifiers, its effect on traditional speakers is less so. DSP (digital signal processing) has made small speakers sound like big ones, but when it comes to traditional hi-fi speakers, the technology behind the woofers, tweeters, crossovers, and cabinet design hasn't changed as much. Of course, there have been advances, but a great speaker from 20 or even 30 years ago is still a great speaker – it is not obsolete, unlike other audio components.

When it comes to classic speaker designs, Klipsch is a company true to its heritage. Their horn designs have been around since Paul Klipsch designed all the speakers himself. Georgia Home Theater recently partnered with Klipsch, which is also one of the world’s largest speaker manufacturers, to bring their classic Heritage Series to the Atlanta area.

In this blog, we’d like to introduce you to the most classic of Klipsch speakers – the Klipschorn. This is the only speaker in continuous production for over 70 years, which says volumes about the durability of its design.

What makes the Klipschorn a fantastic centerpiece for your classic Atlanta HiFi stereo system? Read on to learn more.

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The World’s Only Fully Horn-Loaded Speaker

The Klipschorn is the only consumer loudspeaker that is fully horn loaded. What does that mean? The Klipschorn is a three-way design where each driver is coupled to a horn. Many horn speakers designs exist, including at the very high-end, but this is the only one where all the drivers – woofer, midrange, and tweeter – are coupled to horns.

The main benefit is the incredible efficiency of the speaker, up to 20 times more efficient than conventional designs! Simply put, it means that much less amplifier power is required to generate concert-level dynamic range and sound pressure from the Klipschorn. Make no mistake; this is no lightweight speaker. It weighs 220 pounds, yet it's incredibly high sensitivity only requires 100 watts of clean amplification to operate.

Classic Yet Updated Design

While the Klipschorn has been in production for 70 years, it doesn’t mean it hasn’t benefited from improvements in speaker design and construction. The cabinet is now fully enclosed. While it is still intended for placement in corners, the new design is more forgiving of placement and only needs to be in proximity of a corner to maximize the low-frequency horn's bass performance. The neodymium tweeter can reproduce highs to 20khz, allowing the subtlest of high-frequency details to be heard.

On the aesthetic front, if you like the look of classic speakers, you will love the look of the Klipschorn in your listening room. The speakers are only sold in pairs, with book-matched, beautiful wood veneers, so that each speaker looks like a mirror image of the other. They are still meticulously crafted by hand in Hope, Arkansas, just as they have always been. Each one is built with its pair, and the serial numbers are sequential. Using only the highest grade of adhesive and fasteners, the cabinets are made to last a lifetime of use. This is a speaker you can pass on to the next generation - like your Rolex.

We could go on about the Klipschorn, but the best way to evaluate any speaker is to hear it in action. Visit our Marietta showroom, reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us.

We would love to help you experience the best that Klipsch has to offer!

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