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Love the Bass, Hate the Box?

JL Audio Subwoofers Bring the Low-End Grunt without the Bulk

Love the Bass, Hate the Box?

If you’re not a home theater or audio aficionado, you might think a subwoofer is a speaker you don't need. That is, until you hear the very same set of speakers you have, in your room, with a well-integrated subwoofer (or two). We'll put some money on the chance that you won't want to go back to your system sans subwoofers.

We will grant you that if you have some incredible full-range speakers, like B&W Diamonds, or others of that class, you may not want for more bass. Still, you might be surprised at how much the right subwoofer can add to even the best speakers' sound quality. The reason is that bass is foundational for music and movies, adding fullness and depth to the soundstage that gives the sound more gravitas and impact. We're not talking about rumbly, sloppy bass here. We're talking about punchy, tight, fast, and impactful bass that keeps up with the most complicated movie soundtracks and music.

Perhaps we’ve convinced you that you need a subwoofer, no matter what your system looks like. But, you say, I don’t want the big box in my listening room/home theater/media room/escape room. Once again, we'll grant you the point that most subwoofers are lacking in the aesthetics department. But we have a solution for you, too: the architectural subwoofer. Yes, subwoofers can be built into the wall and even the ceiling.

Read on to learn more about JL Audio architectural subwoofers for that room in your Atlanta home where you want to hear the bass but never see the box.

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Boxless Subwoofers

Some companies are very good at making traditional subwoofers. JL Audio is known for auto and marine audio and focuses only on subwoofers for home audio. Their skills in extracting high-performance sound in the demanding - and tighter space – environments of cars and boats give them unique design expertise. JL Audio also builds high-performance regular box subwoofers for home audio, the highly regarded Fathom and Gotham series.

For Music

If you have a pair of beautiful stand-mount or tower speakers in your listening area, you can augment the bass response without upsetting the décor. Models like the IWS in-wall series are perfect for hiding the bass in the wall. For both music and movies, subwoofer placement is often critical. A music-oriented two-channel system may not employ any room correction software for bass tuning. Rather than have the subwoofer placed in the right location that's aesthetically wrong, an in-wall model can discreetly provide the bass in the right spot, invisibly.  And if you don't want any speakers visible - as in many whole-home audio setups – in-wall subs are the perfect complement. The Fathom IWS series goes from single 8-inch models to dual 13.5-inch models. The larger dual ones can bring the bass to any home theater or complement even the largest full-range speakers with deep, articulate bass.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention in-ceiling models. If wall installation isn't practical in a whole-home setup, in-ceiling subs can take up residence above. They are also an excellent complement to ceiling speakers and are a great fit for very open floor plans and large rooms.

For Home Theater

Many home theaters are extremely customized and stylized. People often choose to go with architectural speakers to maximize aesthetics and space. JL Audio subwoofers are perfect for home theaters. The flexible wall and ceiling installation can allow you to have multiple subwoofers for even, smooth, and powerful bass response at every seat. You could have dual 13.5-inch models complementing the mains, ceiling models to complement Dolby Atmos height speakers, and smaller 8-inch models to fill out the bass in the surround channels. With the right configuration and tuning, your theater could have incredible bass that you will feel with every explosion and rocket launch, but without the huge boxes.

JL Audio architectural subwoofers are just one of many superb audio brands that GHT Group offers. To see and hear more, visit our Marietta showroom, fill out our online contact form, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us. We look forward to working with you.

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