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Interior Lighting Design for Home Gyms: Elevating Exercise

Power Through Your Workouts with These Lighting Tips

Interior Lighting Design for Home Gyms: Elevating Exercise

When the pandemic hit and gyms everywhere were suddenly closed, there was a renewed focus on exercise at home. Wait times for Peloton bikes stretched for weeks, dumbbell and weight sets were nowhere to be found, and it seemed like the entire world was doing yoga classes on Zoom, YouTube, or from exercise apps.

Now, gyms have reopened, Peloton is even offering discounts (gasp!), but the home gym is here to stay. Why? It’s easy, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can control your environment, and it’s much simpler to step away from a work-from-home day to get some exercise in. Not to mention that no one will care that you’re not wearing the latest Nike or Lululemon. 

But one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in home gyms is lighting. Just like in the home office and your living areas, lighting affects every activity. Keep reading to learn about the most illuminating ideas interior lighting design companies recommend for Roswell, GA, home gyms. 

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Start with Natural Light

If you’re working out during the day, natural light has the power to energize. When we’ve discussed tunable lighting (more on that below), we've talked about how the bright light of natural sunlight tends to improve energy and focus. Just as you intuitively know that you might drag a bit on cloudy, dreary days, you understand the power of natural light.

If your room has windows, combine natural light with room lighting. For the best way to harness natural light and manage it, consider motorized window treatments. You'll be able to make the most of sunlight, control it when it's too hot, and have privacy when you're working out at night or in the wee early morning. And you can set your window treatments and lights to the perfect settings for day or night with the touch of a button.

Use Recessed LED Lighting

In an exercise area, you won't want a hanging pendant light or even one attached to a ceiling fan, depending on your ceiling height. You might be doing jumps, swinging a kettlebell, or other things that could inadvertently smash a light fixture. Your best bet is to use recessed lighting in the ceiling and go LED. Why LED? They’re far more efficient than older lighting, can dim effectively, and the latest LED lighting is color capable. Read about tunable LED lighting next!

Go Tunable

We’ve discussed the advantages of tunable lighting in other contexts. Tunable lights can mimic the color temperature of sunlight, from cooler, bright hues to warmer, red, and amber tones. Imagine turning your lights to daytime hues for energy on the Peloton bike and choosing warmer, relaxing tones for your after-work yoga workout. Or use color to spice up any workout and rival the commercial gym! Tunable lighting is extremely versatile for a home gym.

Layer the Light

Interior lighting designers use layered lighting strategies to optimize illumination in a space. A layered approach can help change the room's ambiance for the activity, from weights to aerobics to yoga. Consider elements like cove lighting, LED lighting strips setting off your gym TV, sconces, or other lighting that can be used independently or in combination to set the right mood. 


Let the interior lighting design experts at GHT Group help create your ultimate home gym. Not only can we do lighting, but we can also integrate audio, video, automation, and more to fully customize your exercise and wellness experience. Get started by calling us at (770) 955-8909, reaching out here, or using the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!