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How Many Different Ways Can You Command a Control4 System?

From Buttons to Voice Control, the Choice Is Yours

How Many Different Ways Can You Command a Control4 System?

Everyone has their preferences in the way they do things. At the grocery store, you may see some people checking off their list on a smartphone or smartwatch, while others trust the timeworn paper list. Some like old-fashioned alarm clocks and others let their smartphones or smart speaker wake them. 

User experience is important, and everyone should have options for how they interact with their everyday technology. When it comes to smart home automation, you also should have a choice in how you interact, based on your whim, the function, and the design of your home. For all the options for smart home control in your Destin, FL home, the Control4 system is hard to beat. It has you covered whether you like interacting via buttons, touchscreens, or barking commands at Alexa. Keep reading below to see all the ways you can control your smart home.  

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Real Buttons 

Many people like to use real buttons versus a touchscreen for control. The tactile feel is satisfying, and real buttons are more easily accessible without looking. Control4 wall-mounted keypads are perfect for those things which are best to control with buttons, like lighting. One keypad can manage several lighting loads or create a complete layered lighting scene throughout your house. Beyond lighting, one button push on a keypad can launch a scene where the temperature is set, your motorized shades raise or lower, your lights are dimmed or brightened, and you can even play music or turn on the TV. These buttons might be labeled – custom engraved and backlit – for commonly used scenes like watching TV, entertaining, morning, and more.  

Many also prefer real buttons for AV system control. It’s often easier to control oft-used functions like volume and directional keys with buttons. Control4’s Neeo remote is a great example of marrying tactile buttons with a touchscreen to get the best of both worlds: the customization and visual aid of a touchscreen along with real buttons for the most-used features in AV control. Not to mention the sleek styling that you don't mind displaying on a coffee table. 

Soft Buttons 

Buttons on a touch screen are intuitive as the interface can use colors, shapes, graphic icons, and fonts for high legibility and lucidity. The Control4 Touchscreen can be wall-mounted or sit on a tabletop for convenience, and it has more wrinkles up its virtual sleeve. It packs a high-quality camera and microphone, so you can see who is at your door with your front camera and screen them. The Control4 Touchscreen also makes an excellent home intercom system so that you can tell the kids dinner is ready. Of course, the Touchscreen gives you access to individual devices, scenes, user personalization, and much more for effortless smart home control. 

No Buttons 

Sometimes your hands are occupied, and you need to switch something (or a few things) on or off. Control4 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and, so you have a choice of smart voice platforms to use with your system. Just about everything you can do with your Control4 system can be made accessible via voice commands, so when your hands are deep in pizza dough in the kitchen, you can brighten the island lights and start playing your pizza-making playlist with a voice command or two.   


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