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Get the Full Home Theater Experience at the GHT Showroom

Our Newly Revamped Home Theater Will Inspire You

Get the Full Home Theater Experience at the GHT Showroom

For over three decades, GHT Group, originally known as Georgia Home Theater, has been at the forefront of home entertainment in metro Atlanta. Our commitment to showcasing the latest and greatest in audio, video, lighting, and smart home technology is exemplified in our constantly evolving 20,000-square-foot showroom in Marietta. We feel that entertainment and home technology are not just about features and specifications but the total experience. What's it like to have lighting control? How does truly immersive surround sound feel? How do a large screen and projector portray the incredible details in modern films? 

GHT Group's journey began with a focus on home theater, a passion that has only grown over the years. Our new home theater showroom lets us show off our passion for creating dazzling home entertainment experiences and hopefully inspires you to have us create one for you. Please stay with us below as we describe the major parts of the revamped home theater, and we welcome you to come into our showroom to experience it for yourself.


Vivid Visuals

They don't call film the big screen for nothing, as that captures all the attention. For our new theater setup, we paired two of the best names in large screens: Sony and Stewart. Both brands have a long and storied history in home theater. 

Let's start with the projector. The Sony VPL-XW7000ES is the company's top-of-the-line model, sporting an incredible 3200 lumens of brightness. This high brightness level allows you to have some ambient light in the room and still enjoy astonishing image quality, such as when hosting a game watch party. Part of the magic in delivering stunning picture quality is in image processing, where Sony excels. 

What about the screen? It's equally vital for superior visuals. We chose a tried and true brand, Stewart, and the 166-inch 2.4 aspect ratio screen. This model is also acoustically transparent, allowing for front-stage speaker placement behind the screen with no loss of audio performance, creating a more immersive experience. The screen also supports other aspect ratios to manage all your viewing experiences, from film to sports to Netflix and other streaming. 

To enhance the visual experience even more, we employed the madVR Envy video processor to take the images to the next level. Utilizing sophisticated features like HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping, automatic aspect ratio adjustment, and 4K and 8K upscaling, this processor optimizes every image regardless of the original quality of the video input. 

But what’s a home theater without easy access to high-quality content that takes full advantage of this incredible equipment? That’s where the Kaleidescape Movie Server comes in. Kaleidescape is both a high-end content player and store. Featuring purchasable and rentable content of the best possible digital quality, the higher bit-rate video and audio enable you to enjoy a superior visual and aural experience. Coupled with incredible ease of use that lets you find something to watch easily and is customized to your preferences, you have the ultimate video jukebox to maximize the home theater experience

Amazing Audio

Sound is an equally important part of the home theater. In our new theater, we have put together a system that envelops the audience while discreetly hiding away, letting the entertainment take center stage.

At the source, we start with the Marantz AV10 and AMP10 components. A proper home theater audio system should have separate components. A great amplifier can last decades, but the digital processing side and certain connections might become obsolete over time. The Marantz AV10 is a state-of-the-art processor capable of handling all of today’s audio formats, like Dolby Atmos, with precision. A separate amplifier like the AMP10 delivers all the power and stability necessary for today’s high-impact music and film soundtracks. 

For the speakers, we turned to the Focal Utopia 1000 architectural speakers. These speakers are at the top of Focal's architectural line, delivering uncompromised performance with unobtrusive installation. Using proprietary Focal design techniques and exotic materials like Beryllium tweeters, the 11-speaker setup in the theater truly surrounds you in sound. 

Any speaker system needs great bass to complete the experience. We used JL Audio’s Fathom in-wall subwoofers, which feature a unique mounting system to ensure clean output without unwanted resonances from powerful subwoofer drivers mounted in walls. 

When you delve further into home cinema audio, you will find that the design and shape of the room greatly influence the sound of the multi-speaker system. Acoustic treatment to fix room imperfections is a must in almost every theater. We used one of our favorite partners, Vicoustics, to treat our home theater showroom for optimal audio performance. 

A Total Environment

Big picture and sound are important, but we keep talking about the experience, and other elements help to put it all together. Lighting is a huge part of creating ambiance in any home, and the home cinema is no exception. In the showroom, we used a variety of lights from Lucifer, a high-end lighting company,  grouped into four zones. Two-inch and three-inch small aperture lights maintain the clean appearance of the ceiling while providing precisely dimmable ambient lighting. Wall and path lights illuminate the way to snacks and breaks in the dimmed theater while the entertainment rolls. 

Home theaters are not simple spaces. There's much to manage with lighting, temperature, window treatments, and a complex AV system. But the complex can be made simple with smart automation. In our showroom, we use a Control4 system to manage the entire environment. Just as we started in the early days of home theater decades ago, Control4 got its start excelling at managing complicated audiovisual systems. From one large touchscreen, beginning the show requires but a tap or two, while an automation symphony makes everything work in harmony. All you have to do is enjoy the show. 

We would love for you to visit our new home theater space and get inspired by the possibilities. Maybe we can build one for you? Visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our expert staff. We look forward to working with you!