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Four Reasons To Go Lutron for Lighting Control

Lutron is All About the Light

Four Reasons To Go Lutron for Lighting Control

In the computing world, there once was a saying that “you can’t go wrong with choosing IBM.” It was a reflection of IBM’s ubiquity in computers and that it was regarded as the safe choice that no one would question. In lighting control, we’ll say you can’t go wrong with Lutron.

Like IBM in computers, Lutron was an early pioneer in lighting control, inventing the solid-state dimmer in the 1950s. The company has never stopped innovating since, now holding over 3000 patents in every area of lighting control and management. So is Lutron lighting control the safe choice for your Buckhead, GA, home? Of course, but it’s more than just safe. Discover four reasons why Lutron continues to lead the field.

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Energy Savings

Lutron founder Joel Spira invented the dimmer as a way to save energy. The company has never lost focus on the importance of efficiency with lighting. Lutron’s systems provide all the tools to effectively manage lighting for energy savings, including programmable wall keypads, app control, sophisticated scheduling, and sensors that can trigger lighting automation. Aside from all those, Lutron’s motorized shades and window treatments are another weapon in the arsenal, enabling intelligent harnessing of natural light.

Motorized Shading

You might not think of motorized shading as lighting control, but it’s precisely the reason Lutron entered the business over two decades ago. Lutron motorized shade solutions are prevalent in both residential and commercial settings, allowing for increased comfort, sun control, harnessing natural light, and integration with other smart control systems. Natural light is not only important for energy efficiency, but it's also a key to wellness.


Lutron pays attention to design and style, as smart home solutions should integrate well with décor. The company's line of wall-mounted lighting and automation controls have unparalleled industrial design, making them the choice of interior designers and discerning homeowners. Lutron's Palladiom and Alisse keypad controls add their own dose of panache to interiors with hand finishing, top-quality metal, brass, and glass materials, and custom etching and backlighting. The same attention to style extends to motorized shading with a plethora of options in shade and treatment styles, materials, and colors.


Lutron still leads the field in lighting control. Their systems scale from one-room solutions to managing lighting for an entire compound. Their proprietary ClearConnect wireless communication technology provides a rock-solid base for wireless system controls. They offer wireless solutions for both wall keypads and the lighting control systems themselves, offering a range that covers retrofit installations and centralized panel solutions for new builds and major remodels. Lutron's Ketra tunable lighting is a game-changer in high-end interior lighting, offering proprietary advances in color, dimming, and white light temperature coupled with Lutron's renowned lighting control automation.

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