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Create Inspired, Healthy Interiors with Ketra Lighting

Discover the Subtle Delights of Tunable Lighting

Create Inspired, Healthy Interiors with Ketra Lighting

In the not so recent past, tunable lighting was simply not a possibility. As we've discussed on these pages, tunable lighting refers to the ability to control the color temperature of a light source. With incandescent or fluorescent (including compact fluorescent) lighting fixtures, color temperature was fixed - you could get a cool white or warm white bulb of a specific color temperature. If you wanted color, you could get that, but that bulb would forever glow that same color too.

Tunable lighting introduces tremendous new flexibility for the lighting in your home. Science has shown that our bodies react to different light, and it regulates our rhythms, with bright white light providing energy and focus while dimmer, warmer light promotes relaxation and leads to more restful sleep. Beyond wellness, tunable lighting brings aesthetic benefits to your home as well.

When it comes to tunable lighting, one brand stands above the rest. Ketra is the pioneer in tunable LED lighting, and now as part of lighting leader Lutron, forms the most complete and technically advanced tunable lighting solution. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra lighting and how it can enhance your Marietta, GA home.

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Bring Color to Your World

You can find many tunable lighting solutions on the market. As in most things, they are not all alike. One of Ketra’s distinguishing features is called Vibrancy, which is a unique way to control how white light reflects off of objects to heighten the color, detail, and texture of surfaces. The result is a whole new way to enhance your carefully curated interiors in a way that regular lighting can't match. Consider it another interior design element to improve your home.

Fixture Options

You don’t need to redo your entire home’s electrical plan to incorporate Ketra lighting. Ketra bulbs can work with your existing standard fixtures. However, you can make the most of Ketra's capability with modern pendant, linear, and luminaire fixtures. If you are remodeling or building new, you can install sleek can lights that integrate seamlessly and offer precise adjustments for beam spread and direction for lighting tailored to your spaces.

Effortless Control

Tunable lighting's exceptional flexibility demands precise and simplified control. As part of Lutron, Ketra delivers. Ketra lighting works with Lutron’s Homeworks lighting control for powerful manual and automated control. Program your lights for waking, focus, and relaxing at different times of the day. Bathe your artwork and furnishings in lighting that brings to light all of its style and craftsmanship. Lutron’s wide array of custom keypads put manual and scene control wherever you want them in your home, and you can expand your control options with voice and app alternatives.

Discover all the benefits of tunable lighting for your home. Contact us here or visit our Marietta showroom to learn more about all the options. You can also use the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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