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Celebrating McIntosh Audio’s 70th Anniversary: What to Know

In its 70th Year, McIntosh Continues to Deliver Legendary Audio Performance

Celebrating McIntosh Audio’s 70th Anniversary: What to Know

Some products stand the test of time. Their design transcends the fads, and the company pedigree assures a level of performance that lives up to the brand. In cars, the Porsche 911 is one such product. In continuous production since 1963, its design has evolved with the times, and its performance continues to push the limits, but it has stayed true to its purpose. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is another modern example of iconic design, often imitated but never duplicated.

In home audio, several brands have also withstood the test of time. But few have hewn as closely to their purpose and heritage as McIntosh audio. In 2019, the company celebrates its 70th anniversary of offering superlative audio products. Like the Aeron chair and the Porsche 911, McIntosh has its own classic design flourish – the blue-lit analog power meters and traditional metal trimmed knobs on a massive black faceplate. Just like those other classic products, older generations of McIntosh audio products are still prized by fans of vintage audio; they were designed to last for decades.

What makes McIntosh special? It has always been a commitment to ultimate performance and quality. The company may be best known for its amplifiers, and that was the starting point, as well as the genesis of those iconic blue power meters. In the 1960s, McIntosh amplifiers helped power the massive Woodstock concert, which was conveniently in the company's backyard in upper New York State. The 1970s saw the rise of HiFi audio, and the company broadened its line into tuners and speakers. If you walked into a HiFi shop then, you knew that McIntosh was top-of-the-line gear.

The 1980s saw the rise of digital audio with the advent of the CD, and McIntosh introduced its first CD player as well as expanding further into loudspeakers. The 1990s brought home theater and architectural speakers into popularity, and McIntosh was there with new multichannel amplifiers and in-wall transducers. The decade also saw McIntosh move into automotive audio, and a McIntosh system was produced for another iconic automobile, Ford's 2003 remake of the Lemans-winning Ford GT.

Currently, McIntosh continues to evolve with the times and has embraced two of the major technology drivers of the audio market: Digital music and wireless. For a taste on the current range of McIntosh audio offerings for your Atlanta home audio systems, you may be surprised at the breadth.

Just keep reading to find out more.

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Old School Analog

While the vast majority of music consumption today is digital, the venerable vinyl record is experiencing a resurgence of popularity. Whether the appeal is nostalgia, the perceived warmth of analog music, or the tactile and focused experience of listening to a physical record – or a combination thereof – McIntosh is right there with high-fidelity turntables that offer superb performance and style. The MT5 and MT2 are precision turntables with high signal-to-noise ratios and very low wow and flutter. These are high-performance traditional turntables designed to extract the last ounce of detail from your vinyl collection.

For a thoroughly modern take on the record player, McIntosh offers the MTI100 integrated turntable. This model incorporates a preamplifier and amplifier and even includes wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. Designed for those who prefer more minimalist setups, this system only requires speakers. In traditional McIntosh fashion, it incorporates a vacuum tube preamp for that warm analog sound, coupled with a modern Class D solid state amplifier for the best of all worlds - efficiency, power, and great sound.

Amplifiers for Every Need

Of course, McIntosh is known for its amplifiers, and the current range fills every audio enthusiast need. For traditionalists who love the warmth of tube designs coupled with high-efficiency speakers, amps like the MC275 two-channel model offer stunning sound as well as a visual statement. If you want to drive the absolutely most demanding speakers, the MC462 is a beast of a solid-state amp with 450 watts of pure power. This 115-pound component could be the last amplifier you ever need.

Should your preferences run to the simplicity of an integrated setup, the MA252 integrated tube amp combines the warmth and natural sound of a tube preamp with the power of a solid state amplifier; perfect for powering a two-channel system oriented around your vinyl collection. For your digital music listening, the MA7200 is a solid state integrated with 200 watts per channel and a high-performance DA1 digital audio module which incorporates state-of-the-art digital processing for all of today's high-resolution audio formats. The best part is that the DA1 module is replaceable in the future, so your investment in the amplifier section will serve you for many years into the future.

More McIntosh Quality

Today McIntosh’s legendary audio quality is built into many more products that include receivers, home theater processors, speakers, lifestyle systems, headphones, and more.

With 70 years in business, McIntosh continues to be the leader in manufacturing high-fidelity audio products. And we at GHT Group are proud to offer McIntosh equipment for homeowners throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

The best way to experience McIntosh audio is to hear it in person. The good news is that all of the products we described above are on display at our Marietta showroom.

So come in, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away; we’re eager to show you what Mcintosh audio can do in your Metro Atlanta home.

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